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<h2>Agenda</h2> <blockquote><b>DATE</b> Wednesday, October 6, 2010<br>

<b>LOCATION</b> Green Room 6:00-8:00, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Millbank</blockquote>

<b>Appoint chair</b>

<b> Appoint Minute Taker </b>

<b>Item 1: Parade Publication</b>

<blockquote> To discuss: Neil's work on the project notes (aka minutes)</blockquote> <blockquote> To discuss: The glossary and how it's developing (aka minutes)</blockquote>

<b>Item 2: TINAG </b>

<blockquote> How we'll facilitate the discussion</blockquote> <blockquote> How it sits with the Festival's theme of business districts...</blockquote>

<b>Item 3: The Promise</b>

<blockquote> To discuss: The Carrot Workers' initiative around their internship at the ICA</blockquote>

<b>Item 4: Ranchito</b> <blockquote> To discuss:Developments as well as scheduling</blockquote>

<b>Item 5: Poland</b> <blockquote> To discuss:Attending the December events</blockquote>

<b>Item 5: Any Other Business (AOB)</b> <blockquote> To discuss: BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF CONTENT</blockquote>

here are the <b>INSERT MINUTES LINK</b>

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