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<h2>Minutes</h2> <blockquote><b>DATE</b> Wednesday 6th October 2010 <br>

<b>LOCATION</b> 6pm till 8pm, Green Room, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Millbank</blockquote> The meeting was called to order at 6pm

<b>THOSE PRESENT:</b> Marsha Bradfield, Scott Schwager, Neil Cummings, Ken Wilder, Metod Blejec and Karem Ibrahim.<BR> <b>APOLOGIES:</b> Michaela Ross<BR> <b>CHAIR:</b> Marsha Bradfield<BR> <b>MINUTES:</b> Scott Schwager/neil<BR>

<b>Item 1: Publication</b> <i><blockquote><b> To discuss:</b> progress on publication</blockquote></i>

Neil had a positive meeting with the designer Paulus on the 23rd September, he seemed excited by the process and what he could do. We aim to print in January with all text ready at end of October. Neil presented the minutes and research material he'd gathered; there are 60 pages so far. We discussed 136 pages and flexibility. 70 pages for stalls and 70 of text.

<br> Metod also had a good meeting with the designer this morning. There's room to play with the cover including image, paper, transparencies, sections, order. Designer's concern includes public interest in the book. We agree there is no 'general public' for the book. We discuss a strong visual and graphic identity. Also, the book readership will be more specific than general.

Reading of the archived minutes makes clear the research process and narrative. But using different typefaces, colors, could be very interesting too emphasize themes.<br>

The minutes are not just minutes they are actually a record of the research process. There is a richness of the material, letters, plans, sketches, etc<br>

We float Ideas; including having maps drawn regarding going to Poland, flip pages, cutouts. Maybe the bits missing - such as critical reflection- could be reinserted.

The book is a record of a process, a practice. <br>

In the last meeting the idea of a Parade Glossary to identify key terms was raised and this was discussed further. Its a great idea and wee need contributions by the 15th October.<br>

We discussed using images of the Market and Barcamp, with detailed captioning, and using a photograph a scribed page.

Neil will circulate a text on Circulation to get the ball rolling.

<b>Item 2; This is not a Gateway. </b> <i><blockquote> <b>To discuss:</b> Our contribution; ARt/Money/Space</blockquote></i>

We await Deepa's reply as to what time we are on, on Friday 22nd October

The theme is to reuse spaces in the city that have been colonized by business and money. Our proposal includes art as a distributive and social network.

The book Money Space that was cited as a reference / starting point was mentioned by Neil. The city is more a series of networks than the buildings that house them. At the same time, roads narrow leading into the City and the Square Mile exists.

The format we will use is that of the ' Long Table' stolen from Subs & Fems. The idea is, there is a circle within a circle, those on the inner circle are in discussion and there is a continual flow of people from one to the other.

<b>Item 3; Ranchito. Madrid collaboration. </b> <i><blockquote> <b>To discuss:</b> Ranchito. Madrid collaboration and when and who can visit</blockquote></i>

Ranchito is a project by Matradero, Madrid - an ex-slaughterhouse. The City government wants it to be a creative hub, and the project is in part to explore what this could be, and how it could be. We have been invited to have a residency, to work collaboratively with Ranchito (and also Intermediae) and explore different levels of participation. Rancho will cover expenses for travel, accomodation and a per-diem for the research visit. ANd we have to make a proposal for a project/event sometime from May to September 2011. They really liked PARADE.....

We discussed Whether to go in one group or two. The benefits of each. Tentatively it was proposed Neil and Metod would go in November and a larger group in January.

Intermediae work inside Matadero. Intermediae are like a research tool, almost a mirror of CP but on an institutional level. as they embody some of these processes. Intermedia has been running for two and a half year. Intermedia introduced Ranchito to Parade. Themes include participation, research, collaboration.

Matadero is known as a poor neighborhood being regenerated by culture. The first visit would include to get sense of the area, project, and expectations.

We will aim to go in January 10-16th . Or week of Monday 17th.........depending on availability.

<b>Item 4: Carrot Workers</b> <i><blockquote> <b>To discuss: </b>How is the project progressing</blockquote></i>

There's a growing expectation that we will contribute over the course of the events in November. The next production meeting is the 15th October. Things are emergent and fluid. Some kind of workshop may emerge. Ethos is that art should be purposed for community. We agree in principle to be involved and participate

<b>Item 5: Poland</b> <i><blockquote> <b>To discuss: </b>Who and how to participate in Kuba's various projects</blockquote></i>

Kuba is keen on CP going to Gdansk to participate on the 3rd-5th December Altering Practices (this is a long view project towards 2012)<br> And a Free Slow University Summit, to talk about Systemic Parallel Changes in Culture and Knowledge production on the 7th -9th in Warsaw. It makes sense to go for the week. Would be funded, although TBC from where.

Metod, Karem and Scott are all keen to participate. Metod to liaise with Kuba

<b>Item 5: Any Other Business (AOB)</b> <i><blockquote><b> To discuss: </b>Broken Mailing List</blockquote></i>

The wiki mailing list is down and Ian( wiki administrator) has been mailed. He has not replied and is probably super-busy. Hopes are for Ian to transfer information to Karem for future management of this.

<blockquote><b><br>Action points: </b> <br>Feedback to Neil by Monday 11 October on first draft of the research/minutes <br>Neil will e-mail the architects re Parade publication and their visual contribution <br>Terms for glossary to be submitted by 15 October. <br>Neil to invite Distinguished fellow in Urban Studies to This is Not a Gateway. <br>Karem to circulate his studio address for the next meeting.</blockquote>

<br>The Meeting was adjourned at 8pm.

<br>6) The next meeting will be 21st October at 5pm at Karem's studio for CP publication, and Gateway prep.

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