10th July Meeting notes

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Publication meeting

DATE Thursday 10th July 2008
LOCATION 6pm Royal Festival Hall foyer

Trevor, Neil, Cinzia, Marsha, Michaela, CHAIR:

Item 1: Publication

To discuss: The content we have and how to edit it

Action We provide Trevor with text order by Monday 14th, so he can start flowing the text into page layout
Action Michaela will proof all the text, which we will finalise for Friday 18th July
We discuss Trevor's Economies of Wellbeing and decide that its worth getting it to work
Robin's text has arrived, action Cinzia will have a first edit and then we will all cut loose - it needs to be trimmed a bit. We will sign the texts off and Michaela will proof.

Item 2; Design of Publication

To discuss: we discuss the look and feel

Trevor has some dummy pages, we discuss boxes to house links, footnotes and URL's.
Action Neil will try and trace all the changes to the draft Traceability text and see if there is something we can do with it.
Action We agree to add more pages if necessary
We discuss how the Brechtian introduction will look, with different covers for different voices. And the running order draft Introduction to Big Ideas
Action Michaela will proof all the text.
ActionWe discuss designing the front cover using swarmTV and do it collaboratively. Neil will start a new page.

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