19th October, 2009 Parade minutes

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Minutes 19th October, Kuba’s flat, Warsaw
Present: Cinzia, Kuba, Marsha, Michaela, Neil

Current Situation re. Parade:

Neil gave a brief recap of the project.
Ken’s drawings offered a solution – a scaled down version which could be brought in for a budget of £5000
This takes the pressure off, allowing us to operate within our means

Future Development:

Chelsea is reforming to become part of the Graduate School. As a result, it’s difficult to know who to approach.
David de Bosa at The Engine Room has remit to fund public engagement
CP has a budget of £3000 for next year

We should aim for £10000 in total: £5000 for build
£5000 to invite participants, etc.

Action: Neil to write to Adam Mickiewicz Foundation.
We still want to further the Polish connection, particularly those 4/5 people with whom we’ve established a working relationship The AM Foundation could help with traffic expenses (£3000) with additional contributions from Chelsea (£7000?) for honorarium

Parade Structure:

Discussion of variety of possible structures - to happen simultaneously:
• Barcamp
• Market of Ideas
• ‘Presentations’
• Workshops

Trial format is another option (‘The Public on Trail’) – the event would explore modes of assembly and modes of address.
Events could be autonomous with one person co-ordinating. Events might also self-organise, spontaneously.

There should be no elaborate submissions/commissions – instead we invite people to participate – e.g. Micropolitics from Goldsmiths

We might have 7-10 days to build the structure – opening event on Friday with additional screening/events over the weekend in Mid-May
Cinzia: it would be useful to have an outline/text with themes, formats and slots
Kuba: Barcamps could run simultaneously and then be followed by a ‘Barcamp of Barcamps’ – people distributing then converging
Marsha: what about food provision? – logistics difficult – but we could create ‘food spaces’

Inviting Others:

Cinzia: How do we communicate our position and engage others?
What are we asking people to engage with?
What will people get out of it?
We need to describe it in a compelling way
Our ambition is to gather a public – to engage different kinds of public. So far we’ve fallen back on the networks we already have. Guidelines? Selection?
We could nominate people who we wanted to participate then vote. Whoever nominated the person is then responsible for that person (the same as with working groups where people are held to account)
Payment – it should be a tiered system – no hard/fast rules – we have to remain flexible – it may cause tensions but a blanket approach won’t work either


Kuba suggested that all resources could be put into one pot – then we establish a sliding scale, or a lottery/ prizes. We discussed the example of The People Speak who ask participants to make a contribution that is then given pooled.
Action: Kuba to discuss possible open session with Mikey from THEPS
Marsha mentioned Making a Living at Austrian Embassy
Neil noted that money is not the only resource – why not offer a month’s supply of water for example?


Launch on Friday 21st May evening
Saturday 22nd May 3 Barcamps might be organised by different themes, selected from the enthusiasm index.
Events can accommodate spill-over.
Participants could be recruited through an Open Call with some slots pre-determined.
It’s too easy to reproduce speaker audience divide. We have to be attentive to this tendency.
There will be a final ‘Barcamp of Barcamps’ where we attempt to collate thoughts

Cinzia: is it sustainable? Can we make it happen with so few of us?
Kuba: How does this work in terms of spatiality/temporality

Provisional Schedule:

Day 1 Saturday 22nd : Barcamps
Day 2 Sunday 23rd : Market of Ideas
Final event – Common Assembly – could consist of ‘presentations’ to bring themes of barcamps together.

Neil: each of us could be responsible for a barcamp
Kuba: would rather participants took responsibility
Marsha: raises the issue of reporting discussions – Who? How?


We will set up a WIKI list of Market of Ideas storeholders
We will post 4 themes for barcamps
An ‘Events List’ will also be posted online

We have to start advocating now, sharing contacts made on Wiki with a new page to record progress


Cinzia has decided to resign from the co-ordinator role.
Thanks, Kuba for hospitality!

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