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08 10 10 minutes

20th Monday 2010
6pm - 8pm
Green Room Chelsea College of Art and Design

present: Marsha, Kuba, Neil, Metod
chair: not necessary
notes: Neil

Item 1: Publication

We discuss progress on the lagacy publication. Its been slow, and the deadline for content is the end of October 2010
Neil has assembled all the meeting minutes, Barcamp, lecture and research descriptions to form a research timeline here

Are they interesting - ?
Neil thinks so, they are a record of the development of the PARADE project. Material usually obscured, but our wiki is able to archive. There is a suggestion that they make 10/15% of the publication - 20 pages
We discuss each stall being invited to use 2 pages to represent themselves - 66 pages
The architects will be offered 6 pages, for the plans, typologies, etc
We discuss a structure, something like: Research, PARADE and then critical reflection
It should be very visual.......
How to represent the Barcamp ? Because they resist 'capture'
We discuss a Glossary of key terms. Each person would be asked to write on 3/4 key terms. About 200 words each entry
Marsha is excited by pictures and captions.
We discuss the idea of a 'Manual': recording process, reflection and projection

Note: for Market Participants

You have 2 pages in a book 225 x 160mm
All materials submitted by 15th of October
Paper print quality images - 300 DPI
Around 2-4 pictures, and/or texts 3000 characters max.
Include all captions and credits for visual materials.
All will be published under CC licence (it's a Critical Practice policy).


Neil to chase Architects for visual representations of the process, and to edit the research material down into a fascinating account of the process (this will happen initially off-line and then re-posted for collective contributions)
Marsha to invite all the Market participants to send their contributions by the 15th October
Kuba to coordinate polish participants contributions
Metod start playing with some design and graphic representations, and when we confirm the designer, try and collaborate.

Item 2: Matadero/Ranchito/Intermediae

El Ranchito is a cultural experiment launched by Matadero Madrid in collaboration with other artistic agents of the city. Constructed as a research project, it is conformed by three different areas: reflection, a residency programme and a public presentation. We have been asked to contribute to El Ranchito, (PARADE has been an inspiration) we are able to spend a months residency in Madrid (maybe not all of us, maybe not all at the same time, and maybe the month can be broken into smaller visits) make a proposal, and if accepted participate in an event in May 2011.

We agree that we would like to collaborate with Intermediae.
We agree that the first time we can visit is after the 14th of November. We propose to visit once then (or soon after) and again early in the new year.


Neil to liaise with Ranchito, see if our suggestions are possible and the availability of accommodation.
Item 3:Amsterdam

We had no time to discuss this, and it is early days anyway.

Item 3:Poland

Two invitations from Kuba

1. Gdansk

between 03 - 05th of December 2010 there is Alternativa meeting in Gdansk. I'm organizing "Altering practices" - public meeting about the criticality - in - action, focused on reflective presentation of people's own practices. We'll have to our disposal really cool piece of furnishing, stimulating peer- to - peer exchange, I'll send you pictures soon.

It will be a first meeting in the long process, aiming at 2012, when we could organize bigger public event.

In summer 2011 I plan to organize closed research camp, planned as week - long intensive group work, aimed at practical testing of variety of formats and stimulating exchange, leading to development of plan for 2012.

2. Warsaw

between 07th - 09th - (what month?) we are organizing summit of free / slow university of Warsaw, during which we'll talk about systemic, pararell changes in culture & knowledge production. It'll focused on stimulating exchange between participants (small group, up to 25 participants), with open public meetings in the evenings.

Every participant will be asked make 20 min presentation of the case example referring to above mentioned structural transformations, with 1 hour reserved for critical / seminar discussion. Every day we'll talk about max 4-5 cases. In the afternoons we'll make open, public summaries.


At the next meeting we all need to discuss, what we can commit to, and who will participate.

Next meeting We need to meet early in October (date to be confirmed)
And next meeting after that will be before our This is Not a Gateway 2010/TINAG contribution (22nd October) on the 21st October

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