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Coordinated by Cinzia Cremona and Neil Cummings

Working Group: Kuba, Ken, Marsha

>==Market of.......==

This is one of our long term Big Ideas that Cinzia, Neil and Kuba are very determined to realise. It will be focused on notions of public space, and expand on the format of the Market of Ideas we held as part of the London Festival of Europe in March 2008.

Key Facts:

  • Date May 2010
  • Location the RHPG Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground, Chelsea College of Art and Design


We are thinking of architects, designers, studios, artists and other entities we would like to work with to create an international grid.

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Meeting Minutes

28 October minutes, Research Office, 5 pm.

We will work on

- A Market of What? A full name will probably surface once we feel clearer about the project.
- Whom would we invite to contribute?

- How would the project further our Aims and Objectives?