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From Latour, Bruno. "The Aesthetics of Matters of Concern." 97 - Spinoza Lectures: Second Lecture on Empiricism. http://www.bruno-latour.fr/articles/article/97-STYLE-MATTERS-CONCERN.pdf.(accessed October 21, 2008).

[Jeff Wall's Adrian Walker, Artist, Drawing From a Specimen in the Laboratory in the Dept. of Anatomy at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver (1992)]

Walker (the illustrator) is absorbed in his task, so much so that the art historian, Michael Fried, considers it a contemporary example of what he calls absorption. This is in contrast to "theatrical art"--art oriented for spectators.

This scene may be a stage but it's convincing as a picture of total, almost maddening absorption, both for Walker (drawing his limb), and for Jeff Wall photographing "his" Walker pondering "his" limb. And I don't doubt that your response will be the same as Fried's or mine: total absorption in the strangeness of the scene. (p.17)

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