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Panel and Chair Panel: Marsha Bradfield, Cinzia Cremona, Corrado Morgana and Michaela Ross

Chair: Jem Mackay

Title and paragraph 
‘Ecoes’ is an art research project that attempts to apply Actor-Network theory to the discourse and practice of collaboratively editing a video “account.” This “account” originated within "The Market of Ideas," an event organized by Critical Practice research cluster (Chelsea College of Art and Design, London) as part of the London Festival of Europe (spring 2008). Structured as an 'information bazaar,' The Market brought together artists, anthropologists, economists, theorists and others who exchanged their knowledge with the milling crowd. ‘Ecoes’ originated within The Market as an attempt to trace the circulation of ideas. All members of Ecoes are also part of Critical Practice and were involved with the Market in different ways. Together they produced the video as an experiment referencing The Market, and its journey from the information bazaar to the Network of Design conference.

Panel members will discuss the interplay of their alternative perspectives: how their distinct/overlapping interests shaped Ecoes as an ANT text distinguished by both its collaborative production and moving image format. Issues to be considered include: how ‘feeding on controversy’ can produce heterogeneous associations; how artist researchers use theories to position themselves; the performative effects of both verbal and non-verbal utterances; and the kinds of networks that help people engage with new information.

The aim of this panel is to challenge artists and practitioners outside the field of sociology to appropriate and make use of ANT. How might ANT be applied as a method to art practices? How might it be applied to practice-based art research, where the researcher is also an actor? What are some of the challenges of co-authoring a heterogeneous ‘account’?


Marsha Bradfield Marsha Bradfield is an artist, educator and curator from Vancouver, Canada. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London. Marsha's multiple and discursive practices investigate dialogue as both the content and form of collaborative art making. In addition to being part of Critical Practice, Marsha is a founding member of Future Reflections Research Group (www.futureflections.org.uk ), a team of four Ph.D. researchers at Chelsea that investigates the theory and practice of art as research.

Cinzia Cremona Cinzia Cremona is a PhD candidate with the University of Westminster (http://www.wmin.ac.uk/mad/page-1802 ) looking at the relationships of video performance, and exploring the potential of a relational understanding of performativity - how art practice and discourse inform relationships, as well as subjectivities. Also, a core member of Critical Practice (http://criticalpracticechelsea.org/ ) and coordinator of Social Relations. (Examples of practice: http://www.perpetualartmachine.com/component/option,com_gallery2/Itemid,50/lang,en/?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=53477 )

Corrado Morgana Corrado Morgana is an artist, electronic musician (retired) and Phd candidate. He is currently researching strategies for GamesArt practice and curation. He has recently co-curated 'Zero Gamer' and 'Game-Play' and is a member of the London Games Festival Fringe committee. He has been involved in various large scale collaborative projects including Node.London and Open Congress.


Michaela Ross Michaela Ross is an artist and researcher, currently undertaking a PHD at Chelsea College of Art and Design (http://www.chelsea.arts.ac.uk/24376.htm ). and a member of Critical Practice. She is interested in the role of artists working within the educational function of the museum and has been involved in projects at Tate, Serpentine and the British Library.

Jem Mackay Jem Mackay is a PhD candidate with Camberwell College of Arts, looking at effective structures for open and non-hierarchical collaborative filmmaking. He develops www.swarmtv.org, which is an online web 2.0 community environment that aims to open up the process of filmmaking using the Creative Commons licence.

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