Agenda for Parade Meeting: May 15, 2010

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LOCATION Chelsea College of Art and Design, E-block Research Baseroom: 5:00pm onwards, Millbank
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ACTION POINTS from May 10 Meeting

  • Neil to e-mail e-flier around to use again.
  • Ken to line up a few student volunteers for Saturday
  • Scott bring biscuits for Saturday
  • Ken to arrange the crates; they'll have barriers around them for security
  • Ken to deal with Health and Safety
  • Ken to ask the architects to give instructions for the crates
  • Marsha to draw up a timetable of building the crates
  • Ken to order 10 tarps 2x6meters each
  • Marsha to contact her contact to contact Bob and Roberta Smith to advertise.
  • Miriam to do a major mail out tomorrow
  • Marsha to order 200 bags and foam
  • Neil to make stencil of critical practice
  • Neil et. Al. to send Marsha some e-mails RE her email for contacts RE stalls
  • Ken to organize with the students the cakes and snacks.
  • Marsha to ask Michaela to deliver flipcharts / stands
  • Cinzia to set up a new page to subscribe to barcamps
  • Ola to send a project book tomorrow
  • To follow up on the internet hotspots on the Parade ground

Item 1: Unload crates

To discuss: No discussion! Unload the crates.

Item 2: Experiment with crates while we're waiting for the second delivery

To discuss: How building the furniture might work best; sizes of tables

Item 3: Anticipate Sunday and Monday

To refersh: Action plan for the week

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