Agenda for Parade Meeting: May 17, 2010

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LOCATION Chelsea College of Art and Design, E-block Research Baseroom: 5:00pm onwards, Millbank
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Action Points from May 10th, 2010 meeting:

  • Neil to e-mail e-flier around to us again.
  • Ken to line up a few student volunteers for Saturday
  • Scott bring biscuits for Saturday
  • Ken to arrange the crates; they'll have barriers around them for security
  • Ken to deal with Health and Safety
  • Ken to ask the architects to give instructions for the crates
  • Marsha to draw up a timetable of building the structure see this schedule
  • Ken to order 10 tarps 2x6meters each Marsha ordered them on Tuesday
  • Marsha to contact her contact to contact Bob and Roberta Smith to advertise.
  • Miriam to do a major mail out tomorrow
  • Marsha to order 200 bags and foam We've subsequently agreed to go for 300 bags and two sizes of cushions
  • Neil to make stencil of critical practice
  • Neil et. al. to send Marsha some e-mails RE her email for contacts RE stalls
  • Ken to organize with the students the cakes and snacks.
  • Marsha to ask Michaela to deliver flipcharts / stands Michaela only has one white board but has agreed to source others at Chelsea
  • Cinzia to set up a new page to subscribe to barcamps
  • Ola to send a project book tomorrow - What's a project book?
  • Marsha to order 15 flip charts for the barcamps
  • To follow up on the internet hotspots on the Parade ground

Action Points from May 15th meeting:

  • Ken is going to create an overlay to Ola and Michow's design
  • Marsha and Scott will share a set of plans for the building
  • Marsha will order 300 Ikea pillows to go with the 300 bags
  • Marsha will also order 100 larger Ikea pillows for stall holders - they're slightly more comfy and a nice souvenir of the event
  • Marsha to talk to technicians about the ethernet cable before buying one

Item 1: Welcome Ola and Michow back and ask them to update everyone on their vision for Parade

To discuss: How this might need tweaking

Item 2: Mike's needs for the kitchen

To discuss: Do we really want to buy BBQs?; we must have access to a modest kitchen on the Saturday - running water is imperative; is there an outside tap?; Mike and co have four hobs and need four sockets; two 6x2 tables are required - they have oil cloths to cover these surfaces; Marsha is going to check if a magnet will stick to CP's pots, as Mike needs pots to which magnets will stick (?)

Item 3: Mike's needs for the kitchen

To discuss: Where are people going to sit while they eat? Is Ola imagining a picnic-type area?

Item 4: Washing up area

To discuss: Many people in the market will be serving drinks and they'll need a place to wash the glasses/mugs. Mike and I talked about having a series of buckets: A soapy bucket and two clean water buckets for rinsing along with dish towels for drying. This should be factored into the structure. Marsha is very interested in how this space may afford a particular kind of interfacing between/among contributors - a variation on the water cooler - a space for gossip, etc..

Item 5: Joanna's Cocoons

To discuss: Marsha chatted briefly with Joanna on Saturday. One of her cocoons is arriving on Monday; the rest later in the week. We need somewhere to store them...Also, when will be they be installed?

Item 5: Jo's project with Sacramento

Jo is in London and she's coming to our meeting so we discuss developments in her project.

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