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A few impressions from Ola's lecture, titled "Spot the Error"
Chelsea College of Art and Design - Spaces and Narrations Series (6:00 - 7:00, Monday January 25, 2010)
The talk was unfortunately difficult to hear

  • Model for self-organization - slime mold (?) - emergent forms
  • Parade Square, her Warsaw Project - the city is facing a critical movement - urban transformation - struggle between arbitrary top-down planning and bottom-up energy. In 1955, the central hub was destroyed "The Revenge of Stalin" = The Palace of Culture was built in its place. (There was, until recently, a lot of self-organization around the base of this structure [Ola used the word "colonized" - the space was colonized by entrepreneurial activity], and a temporary mall was erected to house this activity. But this mall is going to be demolished and replaced by a contemporary art gallery) - the official model of city planning in Warsaw is very centralized - Ola believes the city should be organized as a more flexible system.
  • Much of Ola's work is done on computers; some exists as proposals - developing systems to trial ideas and collect data
  • Her practice looks at complex systems - including spaces where distinct spheres support one another (micro climates, for example, that compliment each other) - an error in one place profoundly impacts the rest of the system.
  • Building on the Joanna Rajkowska's Oxygenerator - Ola's proposed space creates a mist at regular intervals - a different way of telling time (an alternative to a town clock/bell)
  • UPS - Unselfish Urban Space - offers spaces to hide from the city - sound breakers (?) hills, also a cave - could be like a public spa
  • Zones free from commercial use
  • What does it mean to talk about responsive architecture?
  • Self-organization (on its own) can be entropic...

Bio: Aleksandra is a Polish architect with a particular interest in self-organizing structures. She will be presenting a number of her studio’s recent projects, and will introduce her collaborator Michał Piasecki, a specialist in generative procedures. Aleksandra will be collaborating on the Parade project for a Market of Ideas: Modes of Assembly, and forms of Address that will be happening at Chelsea in May, organized by Critical practice.

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Ola and Cinzia at Pizza Express, Millbank, following Ola's presentation
Cinzia and Kuba at Pizza Express, Millbank, following Ola's presentation