Art Car Boot Fair 2010

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Location: 146 Brick Lane
Date: Sunday, June 6, 2010

  • Faux chaotic - the event was "managed" by black-clad security, a perimeter fence and £4.00 entrance fee
  • Familiar - some stalls are usually found in the Backyard and Sunday Up Markets
  • Worth attending (?) - apparently Tracey Emin, Philip Taylor (The Apprentice) and hundreds of others thought so
  • Disarming - Cinemoi's "Bowles...Chinashop", where for £2.00 you too could toss a bowle at some crockery.
  • Ironic - Toby Christian's "Manifesto: Tear This Apart." Under a waving flag, the artist sold of pieces of the recently renovated Royal Academy - an ironic statement, given the piece-by-piece privatization of our public art schools (The RA isn't actually public!)
  • Savvy - Emotional Baggage's raffle tent. Here almost everyone was a winner (as long as you held a number ending in 1...4...5..7 (?).
  • Cheep and cheerful - Karen Ay said it best: "People are here for a good time" - This art fair was more about the experience of doing "serious" art on Brick Lane than about snapping up the efforts of the yet-to-be discovered. Sure there were bargains, many for £1.00 - £5.00. Absent, however, was stuff priced £50.00 - £100.00...or old stuff/junk...I thought for sure there'd be at least one art collection up for grabs...Maybe next year
  • (Oral) Consumption - lots of cupcakes and cookies and, well yes a good-ol'-fashioned kissing booth
  • Wrestling - this year's addition was WWF-lite. Too bad it was so hard to see into the ring--unless, that is, you were a kid of your dad's shoulders.
  • Babes and babies - there were plenty of Brick Lane hotties around and even more kids - babies, mostly, and toddlers.
  • Warhol n' Liberace's love children - pop n'kitch encrustations were in abundance. If this was a little predictable for an cheap art sale, it didn't stop me buying a little ceramic angel covered in sequin barnacles.

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Gates to the event, where we paid a £4.00 cover a pop. Yikes!
Poker chips
TangentProjects Pound Shop Art
Emotional Baggage Auction
Cinemoi - Boules...Chinashop
Cinemoi - Boules...Chinashop
Toby Christian's Tear This Apart - selling pieces of the Royal Academy

Toby Christian's Tear This Apart - selling pieces of the Royal Academy