Art research as a knowledge acquisition enterprise

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Barrett, Estelle. Introduction to Practice as Research: Approaches to Creative Arts Inquiry, edited by Estelle Barrett and Barbara Bolt, 1-13. London: I.B.Taurus & Co Ltd., 2007.

  • The value of arts research lies not only in the knowledge it elaborates but also in the mode of making and receiving art (research) as a knowledge acquisition enterprise. (2)
  • "The innovative and critical potential of practice-based research lies in its capacity to generate personally situated knowledge and new ways of modelling and externalizing such knowledge while at the same time, revealing philosophical and social and cultural contexts for the critical intervention and application of knowledge outcomes." (2)
  • Philosophies for elaborating the relationship between art and knowledge also pertain to experimental, action or problem-based learning. There's an alliance in need of elaboration. (3)
  • There's growing recognition that restricting "research" to things that can be measured exactly denies us a wealth of less coherent knowledge types, including tacit, ineffable, embodied knowledge(s). (4)
  • Traditional binaries in discussions of research include objective/subjective and empirical/hermeneutic - What we need, following Pierre Bourdieu, is a more relational understanding of knowledge that elaborates the underlying assumptions of different knowledge paradigms. (4)

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