Athanasios Velios: Online Thesis Development

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RNUAL Session February 19, 2010

Using online tools to develop your thesis - Ligatus Research Centre

  • What is a thesis? Communication on an idea with mostly text - to be examined, permanent record
  • Why do it online? Concerned with backup - sharing
  • Google Docs - you can write documents online - no need for attachments
  • Java runs on anything...
  • LaTeX - must submit thesis through this...
  • XML - allows us to produce documents according to specific rules - for example, DocBook - Text Encoding Initiative
  • Zotero: Only works on Firefox - true strength: create biblio - and you choose formatting...
  • Scrapbook: Firefox - Downloads entire site - critical question: "depth to follow" - generation of links...(can limit to immediate website)
  • Structure - Mind Maps - example: Wismapping - playing with maps - thinking about first year of his PhD
  • The Visual Understanding Environment - collects STUFF - via open Calais - semantic recognition - discourse analysis - identifies possible areas of research - Possible to link between different aspects - useful to observing other scholars working in the same area
  • Bring all stuff together online in a content management system
  • Recommendation - use Zotero for bib, use VUE for concept development use LyX to write text, match vue nodes and section siwth the text...

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