Blind Auction draft letter

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London, March 2009<br>

To Whom It May Concern:<br> <br> Dear Sir/Madam,<br> <br> In May 2010 Parade – a seminal international conference about public space and architecture – will take place in a prime location in Millbank between Tate Britain and Chelsea College of Art and Design. This exciting event will be organised by the experienced research cluster Critical Practice, hosted by Chelsea College of Art and Design, and with a proven track record of international public projects since 2005.<br> <br> The newly refurbished Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground will host a number of purpose built pavilions and public events. We can expect an attendance of at least 1000 people a day for the 3 days duration of the event.<br> <br> We would like to offer you the opportunity to bid in a blind auction to become the only [food/coffee/etc] stallholder of the event. If your bid is successful, your company will be in a privileged trading position, as well as fulfill its corporate responsibilities by supporting a cutting edge socially committed event.<br> <br> Please express your interest and request details by contacting:<br> <br> Cinzia Cremona<br> phone<br> e-mail<br> <br> Prof Neil Cummings<br> phone<br> e-mail<br> <br> <br> Best regards,<br> <br> Cinzia Cremona <br> <br> Critical Practice