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Annual budget table 2008/09

  • It is good time to change € into £. It is also a good time to re-consider opening a CP account. This is a possibility: from the cooperative bank.

Because Critical Practice receives funding from Chelsea College it tends to adhere to their financial timetable, which runs from 1st August to 31st July. To close the financial year they require all invoices and expenses to be submitted by 20th June. Costs incurred after the 20th June will be reliant upon Critical Practice's subsequent financial standing. Funding allocations are made on 1st August of each financial year.

EXPENDITURE: 21st June 2008 - 20th June 2009 TOTAL BUDGET £3,000
Who's Claiming Date of claim Description of claim Amount £ Balance £ Paid Comments
Trevor Giles yes extra pages for CP:issue 2 £123 2,877.00 Y paid out on 14/8/08
Cinzia Cremona staggered coordination £2000 877.00 part all claimed
Kuba 21/01/09 train from Nottingham £53.00 824.00 Y Neil covered this cost and was reimbursed
Kuba ?/09 flight £157.00 667.00 Y comment
Ewelina May 2009 research Poland (flight) £169 498.00 N flight
Ewelina May 2009 research Poland (hotel) £58.70 439.30 N Neil paid and is waiting to be reimbursed
Publicamp 19/06/09 remainder of budget for camp £ 439.30  ?? Y/N the remaindered budget could go on Publicamp
TOTAL EXPENDITURE - - £2560.70 - - as of 11/06/09

CRITICAL PRACTICE INCOME: 21st June 2008 - 20th June 2009
Who's Paying Date of income Description of income Amount £ Amount € Paid to date rationale
Chelsea confirmed 02/09 core funding £3000 See table above
Held by Cinzia 04/08 Disclosure fee £375
Held by Neil  ? Zehar magazine+blog £ €404
Held by Marsha  ? Vocab fee £ €100
Held by Michaela date description £200 Marsha and Michaela 5/05/09 Workshop fee
Name date description £
TOTAL INCOME - - £3575+ €504+ - £X

See also the Funding page of the Parade project.


1. 'Date claimed' - this should refer to the date on which you submitted your claim to the research office

2. It will really help us keep track of our cash flow if you can let us know when you have been paid by filling in the last box 'Paid' with 'Y' or 'N'.

3. The comments box can be used to explain e.g. why a payment might be overdue (for example, went missing in the post)

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