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What is public space? What is the public domain?

How do we operate within these realms?

What is 'publicness'?

Critical Practice has a long-standing interest in public goods, spaces, services and knowledge. We aim to embrace the messy, contentious, improvisatory and provisional nature of Being in Public by exploring different manifestations of publicness: historical, cultural, political, social, architectural and digital, as they are represented through the contrasting experiences of both Poland and Britain. Public, common or shared resources are like muscles; they become stronger with exercise.

Why now? Debt bubbles have burst, markets have seized, states have taken control of previously private financial institutions. Energy, resources and knowledge - formerly 'public goods' - are increasingly subject to restrictive property claims. An exploration of the interplay between public and private interests has never been so vital.

Where? Parade will be hosted in the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground at Chelsea College of Art and Design, directly opposite Tate Britain, a few minutes from the Houses of Parliament. We intend to produce a landmark event and a bespoke structure with a host of international contributors. Parade will consist of a Market of Ideas, workshops, lectures, barcamps, talks, a comprehensive website, and artistic interventions, all unfolding in a specially constructed architectural environment. The modes of assembly and forms of address will be intimately bound.

Critical Practice is building on previous successful participatory events, in particular 'Open Congress', held at Tate Britain in 2004 and the Market of Ideas held at Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2007..


Lead-Up: 17th-21st May

Event Programme: 22nd-23rd May

Saturday 22nd May: BARCAMP

There will be several Barcamps running concurrently. See themes here:


The second day of event will see the emergence of a Market of Ideas, where participants will be able to 'set up their stall' to explore ideas of Being in Public.

There will also be a 'Barcamp of Barcamps' which will gather together the main ideas from the preceding day's activities.

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