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Neil: I feel we are lacking some rigor and real-world engagement [ ;-) ]; so, I'd like to encourage:
Platform: Their work on the influence of sponsorship, especially of oil companies, in the arts is very relevant. Maybe Mel Evans who wrote ARTWASH
Dave Beech for a Marxist account of Art and Value(asked already - but seems that they have an event the same day in Leicster ; ( )
New Economics Foundation and their Happy Planet Index
Brett Scott (I had him down earlier then crossed him out as there were lots of economists proposed but few have materialized) who compiled the Heretics Guide to Global Finance

TimeBanking UK
Londonwide LETS Link
UK Uncut
FairTrade UK
Community Gardnes
Food Cooperatives
Local Trading Systems
Artistic Cooperatives

Cinzia: I have had a long discussion with a friend with an in depth knowledge of marketing and PR looking for a way of bringing those mechanisms to TransActing. We concluded that for a relevant experience and engagement we would need a prolonged consultation process with the participants and resources that we just don't have.
I'd like to include stalls that reproduce those strategies on an individual level. I was thinking about having a beautician who can offer basic grooming services as a nudge to 'branding' and complying with aesthetic 'industry' standards. This would be a straightforward commercial transaction and may incur charges as discussed in our last meeting.
I'd also like to invite local Avon and other iconic firms representatives.
Some people I know happen to be organising a clothes-swapping session for the day of TransActing. I think it would be great if they did as part of the Market of Values. I have not mentioned it to them yet because I'd like to hear your opinions first and it might still not work out ... Marsha: 'Nature,' bikes, hacklabs, mending, etc.

Amy: It would be great to represent the legal sector - law and the construction of values. Maybe also religious values?

Eva: What about a second hand/carboot stall with clothes/objects?

Interesting propositions at Art Car Boot Sale

Marsha and Kuba visited Art Car Boot Sale on Sunday. ACBS is "The Art Car Boot Fair is an original idea by Karen Ashton and has been developed by Karen and her sister Helen Hayward since our first event in 2004 in London. It was an idea that grew out of a desire to pick up where Joshua Compston’s ‘Fete Worse than Death’ and Gavin Turk’s ‘Livestock Market’ and Articultural Shows’ blazed a trail in the 90’s and to re-introduce some summer fun and frivolity into a thriving but increasingly commercial London art scene. We aim for the Art Car Boot Fair to be a day when the artists let their hair down and for all-comers to engage with art in a totally informal way, and to pick up some real art bargains to boot! Participation in the Art Car Boot Fair is by invitation and referral by original ‘booters’ only."
We spotted a couple of interesting stall holders:
Belle Tidswell with her Emotional Baggage and Fabrications Gallery - interactive games on emotional balance and affects
Saddie Hennessy - a mature lady artist with an ironic sense of humour
Cultivate Viner Street artist run space
Dylans Bookstore Swansea a former public mobile library van turned into a mobile bookstore

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