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Visit Parade Market of Ideas May 23, 2010 for further information

Sunday 23rd May 2010

Markets are good at convening and distributing resources.
Based on the model of the ancient bazaar, Parade will convene a Market of Ideas in which 'stalls' staffed by artists, academics. urbanists, geographers, environmentalists, health workers, anthropologists, economists and others exchange their knowledge with the milling public.
This public market is convened to explore the distribution of public knowledge, embody peer-2-peer exchange, and build of communal resources.
Food Commission for Saturday Blanch and Shock Food Mike and co will be providing sustainable but yummy food for lunch on Saturday Requirements:
  • Power - four plugs
  • 2-3 6X2 tables
  • Access to a sink/kitchen
  • Is there running water outside?
  • Space for diners to sit?

Number Name of stall holder(s) (Sketch) of contribution Stall requirements
1 Brandon Labelle Social Music Stall

Music circulates through everyday life as a vibrant material, acting as a generative intrusion and supplement to daily rituals, sudden experiences and social connections. Songs come to embed themselves within our body-psyche, participating in the making of emotional life. What kinds of memories and experiences is music connected to, and in what ways do we carry music around with us to impart meaning to the ordinary?

  • a boombox (secured)
  • power
  • small table (where people can write things)
  • 4 seats
2 Ian Drysdale and ThinkPublic Thinkpublic are an award-winning agency focused on using design to improve service experiences in the public sector Forthcoming
3 Chris Wainwright:

Head of CCW
and Cape Farwell

Chris will discuss with a climate scientist about how a public shift of attention could stabilise what is potentially a dangerous situation.
  • Laptop recharging option
  • 3 seats
  • small table
4 Open Music Archive
Initiated by artists Eileen Simpson & Ben White, to source, digitise and distribute out-of-copyright sound recordings, the archive is public resource open for anyone to use and contribute to; part of a new knowledge commons
  • PA
  • Power - four plugs plus power for the PA
  • A large table, perhaps two
5 George Shire
Forthcoming Forthcoming
6 Angela Hodgson Teall
Infectious Nature of Empathy
  • This stall needs to be slightly set apart from others - out immediate earshot...
  • A standard desk-like table 4 foot wide & 3ft deep (or bigger) would be fine or just a flat piece of wood to place on top of the milk crates
  • 5-6 seats
7 Department 21
  • Table large enough for 4 people to sit around
  • They will bring their own seats
8 Roman Dziadkiewicz
"Lay lady lay" is a collective investigation in the field of choreography and iconography of laying. Open and soft form of intersection of picnic, talk, workshop and siesta. some tags: laying, dis-play-ing ("Whatever colors you have in your mind, I’ll show them to you and you’ll see them shine"), breathing, netting, talking, reading, touch, rolling, weltering, vanishing, infiltration, osculation, vibration, formless...
  • colours, pins, markers or to drive to a builder-market
  • Flat surface like a bed(!) – a mattress, a flat and soft board possible to put/drive pins into, size around 140x200cm.
9 Wojteck Kosmo and Dwayne Browne “Body cash” is a multiplayer game for body and money, based on the following dilemma: “where is one prepared to hide or take the money from in order to win it”.
  • NONE
10 Ewa Majewska
Critical Witchcraft. Challenging the neoliberal condition of productivity in a feminist way.
  • table
  • 4-5 seats
  • water jug and glasses
  • paper
  • pens
11 Joanna Erbel
Through Bodily Experience or Through Theoretical Investigation? I would like to talk about the possibility of treating researcher's body as a source of knowledge on urban space? Is phenomenological approach that put our bodily experience in the center of knowledge a good perspective to investigate the impact of urban tissue of it's dwellers? Or this kind of perspective in much more burdened with class distinction between the researcher and other potential users. I will talk about the risks (relating to Bourdieu's notion of habitus) and possible gains that can bring radical phenomenology (in relation to feminist approach towards urban space).
  • small table
  • 4 seats
  • water jug, glasses and/or cups, plate
12 Textile Environment Design (TED)
The main aim of the Project is to look at the role that the designer can play in creating textiles that have a reduced impact on the environment and to provide a toolbox of designer-centred solutions
  • 2 large trestle tables
  • seating for 4
13 Owen Hatherley
  • small table
  • 2 seats
14 The People Speak
Talkaoke training session: Talkaoke is the the live, people-led talk-show where the host sits in in the middle of a ‘UFO of chat’, wielding the microphone and facilitating a dynamic conversation between people who gather around the Talkaoke table.
  • Talkaoke Table is battery powered
  • Will bring a generator and be self-sufficient
  • will bring a table for a laptop
  • will bring 12 chairs
  • Wireless Internet connection
  • Access from 11am to set up

6 x 7 metres space for Talkaoke Table & chairs around

15 The KNOT Team
How to make public space public? Or linking existing with imaginary. Forthcoming
16 Krzysztof Nawratek
Leave me alone? How to protect your privacy and remain human; Basic manual.

Krzysztof’s research focuses on the social and political structures of architecture, urbanism and the city.

  • Could you please print for me 100 copies of A4 'manifesto'(I will send you a text in few days) and the same 'manifesto' on A1 sheet?

I would need then a place to pin it up in an exposed place

  • Table and four seats
17 FLAG POSTbox: turning educational in public FL∆G forms as POSTbox for Parade. POSTbox is the

translating/transposing/developing/posting of existing and new works around the educational turn to the context of becoming public, through individual and group contributions. With Parade we will look at methods and sites of knowledge transfer, collaboration and participation and the idealisation of art education.

  • Will provide own furniture
  • Request a triangle-shaped space: The paradeground is divided into triangles through the “lighting piece”. POSTbox would like to play with this in some way
18 Michał Kozłowski
Can truth be said in public space? The Antiquity has known several modes of staging the truth in public space. At the same time many found it problematic that truth can ever be reconciled with the public. We are facing today the same doubt. Extending the analysis of Michel Foucault I will try to examine radical, subversive and materialistic strategy of telling the truth in public space adopted by the ancient Cynics. Will this strategy fit to our times? Under what conditions?
  • Barrel (Ola to attend to)
  • 3 seats
19 The Satellite Group: Orbiting the Politicised Practice Research Group (Loughborough University School of Art)
Model Village 50 crates
20 Bogna Świątkowska
Bogna Świątkowska and the Bęc Zmiana Foundation prides itself on promoting Polish culture, facilitating meetings between creativity and its publics. Bęc Zmiana creates a path for an undisturbed flow of energy, ideas and people in public spaces.
  • 3 seats
  • small table
21 Dr Malcolm Quinn
The publicly funded art school, public culture and industrial capital
  • table
  • 4-5 seats
22 Joint workshop Chelsea iSD MA + Musashino Art University (Tokyo) Architecture
Since 2008 we have been running annual joint workshops. The stall will showcase the workshop result under the theme of Public Theatre. Forthcoming
23 Geoff Cox
Geoff will present the online petition platform, Repetitionr by Les Liens Invisibles, that offers a critique of real existing participatory democracy, and a reconsideration of the public in the light of the restructuring of power over networks.

Geoff is a Researcher in Digital Aesthetics at the Center for Digital Urban Living, Aarhus University, Denmark.

  • internet
  • medium table
  • 4-5 seats
24 TINAG forthcoming forthcoming
25 Larisa Blazic and startx
Mezzo Moderno/Mezzo Distrutto. A collective video project that interfaces virtual and urban public space.
  • Internet
  • Power for two laptops
  • A small table - should accommodate both computers
  • Four seats
  • Here's a challenge: Lara will be showing videos outside. How might we create some kind of shade so they're easy to see on the screen?
26 microsillons
  • table
  • 3-4 chairs
  • Small table
  • 4 seats
27 Mike Ricketts
Hell is other people: the constitution of publics in planning, consultation and regeneration
  • small table
  • chairs
28 Dr Dan Smith
The future of publics: utopias are a loosely constituted set of overlapping fields, they must be recognised as varied, and often contradictory in form and intention. Future publics is a space for imagination, as well as anger, celebration, criticality and elegy.
  • table
  • 4 seats
29 TangentProjects
Beyond Liminopia - reflective mapping of a self-organized urban space
  • large table for a maping
  • four seats
  • power if possible
  • internet
  • enough crates to build a wall sectioning off their stall
30 Lidka Makowska
First, the citizens! Could this slogan come true in the city policies? / I would like to propose the critical, participatory, ramified peer2peer discussion on new models of resistance against privatising the cities. We will concentrate on the idea of natural right to the city, explored by Henri Lefebvre and many others. Invited are artists, researchers, city activists and EVERYONE, interested in the reflection on justice and equality. I would present some practical examples from our struggles in Wrzeszcz (Gdansk/Poland). And some other initiatives, like e.g. the U.S. nation-wide coalition Right to the City.
  • largish table
  • six chairs
31 Levente Polyak and Anatomy of the Street
  • small table
  • 3-4 chairs
32 Joanna Warsa and Nuno Sacramento tent town
  • 5-6 tents
  • 5 chairs
  • 20-30 cushions
33 Abundant Amelia (designers: Dallas Pierce Quintero) forthcoming
  • Stepped like a market stall as we will have things to put on it.
  • 4 seats, you we were planning to stand most of the time
  • We will need some vertical surfaces to put some A2 boards on, if possible
34 Małgorzata Bocheńska / Salon 101 forthcoming
  • small table
  • small chairs
35 25 MA students (?)

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