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Working group co-ordinator Robin Bhattacharya
Working group: Neil Cummings, Cinzia Cremona, Marsha Bradfield

We are committed to participate in an event called Disclosures.

Disclosures seeks to scrutinise the notion of openness across fields of cultural production at large. A first reading of openness refers to situations in which the viewer, reader, listener or internet user becomes emancipated through egalitarian participation, diffuse collaborative authorship and/or the breaking down of hierarchical and social boundaries

It's organised by Anna Colin and Mia Jankowicz of Gasworks and scheduled for the 29th - 30th March 2008

Saturday 29th March 2008 1130-1300

The View From Here: after Open Congress

Toynbee Hall, Lecture Hall, 28 Commercial Street, London E1 6LS

Discussion with: Critical Practice, organisers of Open Congress 05; llze Black, Tim Jones and Saul Albert, three of the organisers of NODE.London 06; and Goldin+Senneby, co-initators of Who Makes and Owns Your Work? 07. Moderated by Marina Vishmidt for Disclosures
We presented our Brechtian, multi-voiced Introduction.

Sunday 30th March, 2008. 12.45-1600

Common Room, Middlesex Street Estate, Middlesex Street, London E1 7AW
For Disclosures we are going to convene a ResourceCamp to tackle the 'elephant in the room' of open organizations - the management and distribution of money and resources.

London Festival of Europe

'...a Congress on methods of engagement with European affairs and the construction of a pan-European cultural avant-garde.'

Working group: Isobel Bowditch (co-ordinator: Chelsea/LFoE), Trevor Giles (co-ordinator: Market)
Neil Cummings, Cinzia Cremona, Alexander Page, Mary Anne Francis, Joe Balfour

Critical Practice will host How to Make Europe Dream? A Cultural Congress as part of this year's London Festival of Europe. The Project is developing as London Festival of Europe

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