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Minutes: Disclosures/Open Congress 2.0

DATE Wednesday 28th November 2007 LOCATION Research Office, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Millbank

THOSE PRESENT: Anna Colin (Gasworks), Neil and Robin

Item 1: Disclosures

To discuss: We talked about Anna, Mia's and Gasworks intention for Disclosures; the invited residencies, and how the project will unfold. Robin commented that the event in April reads like a 'conference; and we talked about our experience of Open Congress and trying to break down the speaker audience structure so that there were only 'participants' - a key theme of 'Floss' is shared ownership and production of knowledge, and the building of public/common resources.

How to enact this, rather than merely talk about it, is one of the challenges.

We discussed moving beyond the frame of 'Floss' inspired technologies.

We will try to set a mail list so the artists in residence can feel part of the shaping of the event.

We should think about location.

We should build on the WMAOYM event in Stockholm, itself inspired by Open Congress]

we commit to working on shaping the April 08 event. We'd be silly not to be involved.....

Action: Robin and Neil to feedback to the rest of CP on Monday 3rd December and guage support for contributing

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