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Drawing Out, Festival & Conference of Drawing 7th – 9th April 2010, Melbourne

DRAWING OUT is a trans-disciplinary conference. It explores drawing across the boundaries of disciplines. It addresses drawing as a way of thinking and communicating in the twenty-first century. Whoever we are, drawing is part of our everyday and professional lives. The conference investigates the role of drawing in its widest possibilities, such as physical and virtual drawing; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural practices; digital schemas; fashion templates; architectural and engineering designs; creative writing; media and communications concepts; cartography and scientific schematics; architectural and mathematical modelling; business and financial mapping; legal, educational and political visualisations.

DRAWING OUT engages professional organisations who use drawing in their fundamental practices, including the fields of: Animation and Interactive Media; Architecture; Art; Built Environment; Cartography; Commerce; Communications; Design; Engineering; Fashion; Film; Information Technology; Legal systems; Photography; Sciences; Social Sciences and Textiles.

DRAWING OUT will deal with the theories and the practices of drawing through a series of papers, panels and exhibitions that will activate and transform RMIT spaces across the city of Melbourne. It will engage all who are involved in the creation, adoption and adaptation of drawing in its myriad forms and it will enchant those who are intrigued by the art of creation as expressed through drawing. Through workshops it will engage professional organisations that use drawing in their fundamental practices. DRAWING OUT will provide a platform for industry to understand the value of drawing within a range of practices and the value of creative knowledge for our cultural and economic futures.

Convenor – Professor Elizabeth Grierson, Head of School, Art, RMIT University Convenor – Professor Stephen Farthing, Director, The Centre for Drawing, University of the Arts London Co-convenor – Keith Cowlishaw, Head of School, Fashion and Textiles RMIT University

DRAWING OUT is a creative collaboration between RMIT and University of the Arts London. For further information, and to register your place, please visit http://www.drawingout.com.au

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