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Josh is apparently revising the narrative for the video piece he's managing. This work includes a narration of a conversation based on our disagreement at the Barbican on February 15, 2009. (You'll find more about this here.) The utterances comprising the narrative are assigned to three interlocutors. However, a single narrator will read the entire dialogue, inflecting the different speaker's utterances with specific significance. This will be juxtaposed with silent (?) footage from EastEnders. A banner at the bottom of the frame will stream the dialogue as text in a ticker tape-like fashion; hence, it can be both heard and read.

I recently experienced a work that used the same formal strategy of having a single narrator read all three speakers' utterances and the problems that this approach poses, namely that it's often difficult to clock the change in speaking subject. Josh suggested that this might be controlled visually, by having footage of different EastEnders characters shown in relation to each interlocutor. How, I wonder, what kind of relationship the artwork will establishe between the characters and the collaborators? How will Josh choose which character reads which part?

I've not seen the most recent iteration of Josh's dialogue but he says that in it, I'm more apologetic. This struck both Pierre and I as strange, as I'm not quite sure what it is I'll be apologizing for? I also wonder if this reassignment isn't an attempt to make me seem a little less emphatic, which is how I believe my part reads in the last version of the dialogue that Josh shared with us.

Josh remains unsure if this will be presented on a TV that sits on the floor or in some other form.

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