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Parade Meeting: Marsha raises the possibility of applying for an AHRC grant for collaboration (studen-led initiatives) and says she'll looking it and report back.



Parade Meeting: Marsha reports back to the working group that the grant looks well suited for the project but that we'd need to foster an inter-institutional collaboration. Cinzia expresses interest and the two agree to develop a proposal together.



Cinzia and Marsha meet to discuss their proposal and decided to do something about embodied knowledge in the form of nonverbal communication. They opt to concentrate on developing both an immersive environment and a post-experience panel discussion. The central question at this stage seems to be: What are the conditions necessary for creating a situation (time/space/place) that supports nonverbal exchange?


Cinzia creates a wiki page about the project and christens it "Ebodied Domain Project" (EDP)


Marsha and Cinzia begin developing their proposal here.


Marsha and Cinzia decide to attend a workshop for the application. Cinzia's attending the one on March 16, 2009; Marsha may go to the one March 25, 2009 depending on Cinzia's experience.


Marsha approaches Stephen Scrivener with questions regarding the understanding of "training" in the application, and Stephen offers feedback. He also informs us that Oriana will need to sign off on the project as Stephen is on leave. Cliff subsequently confirms she'll be able to look at our proposal in early April and that he'd also be willing to lend a hand.


Cinzia and Marsha start seriously considering panelists; Cinzia writes to Kuba about a possible contract to help design the space.


Marsha starts drafing a letter of invitation to panelists, which challenges Cinzia and Marsha to clarify exactly where and how the "experts" will be involved.


Cinzia attends the AHRC workshop for the beyond text scheme


Cinzia and Marsha had a phone conversation to discuss the workshop and the status of the project's funding application. Cinzia reified the importance of ensuring the project's viability - hence we need to proceed in a very practical way. We can't claim money to pay academics fees but we can pay their expenses and we can pay an artist. Identifying specific questions for consideration also emerged in this meeting as key.


Marsha drafted a letter to Beattie and Cinzia reviewed it. Her suggestion: we drop the bit about offering him an honorarium as it cannot be covered by AHRC funding. Marsha eventually agreed. Hopefully, he will value the project as much as we do.


Marsha sent the draft to Beattie. She also requested a quote from Key Structure LTD, 3rd Marquees and tectonics. Key Structure looks like an interesting bet as they advertise a special deal for charities and Marsha's hoping to swing a decent price. The tent seems a good point of departure for pricing the project, as we will need some kind of structure in which to create the proposed environment. It also chimes with Neil's vision of a giant tent. Roly from Key Structured responded that a tent in 2010 will be circa £750 + VAT which will get you a 20ft x 20ft structure and we can also buy insurance from them at 6% of the total cost + VAT. Marsha has also started developing a timeline for the project


Cinzia did a huge amount of work on the proposal, effectively rejigging the proposal in accordance with the application guidance notes. She also noted that Marsha had included a milestone category that wasn't actually part of the proposal. Marsha's work on this has been moved but will remain a guide for the project's development. Cinzia and Marsha also met with other Paraders for a meeting at Royal Festival Hall, where the briefed the group--including Kuba--who was in attendance.



Cinzia and Marsha continue to work back and forth to consolidate the proposal. Cinzia has describe their respective approaches as complimentary: Her's is more practical and Marsha's more theoretical. Marsha has put together a budget informed by her discussion with Ken about possible help from his students. Marsha is struggling with a cold.


Prof Beattie confirmed that his name could be included on the proposal.


Cinzia forwarded the application to Cliff in the research office and Neil and Oriana agreed to sign it early next week. Cliff has offered help with some of the numbers of students the AHRC requires.


Marsha sent out a late draft of our AHRC proposal and Neal wrote back to say he thought it looked pretty good.


Cinzia and Marsha are working hard to get the proposal finished but operating on totally different rhythms: Cinzia is working at night and Marsha during the day...this should be ideal but instead it's proving challenging. There's some confusion about word count and also how to manage the text boxes of the application, as they the guidelines say they should spread over two pages, but this is impossible in our case, as there's quite a bit of text.


After Cinzia signed off on the most recent version, Marsha collected the stamped/signed copy of page 10 from Chelsea, collated the three copies and the original requested in the the application guidelines, bundled these and a cover letter together and sent them all from Davies Street.


Sue Hart emailed to confirm the proposal has been received. And now we wait.

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