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Subject Area:

  • Definitions: So...how are we defining 'evaluation'?
  • Overarching research questions
  • Is this about developing a particular kind of critical practice that seeks to understand the ways in which the economies of said (art) practice shape and impact it to the extent that they have performative effect? Could it also be about modes of self-evaluation and self-valorisation that challenge
  • Gaps in practice/research

Aims and Objectives
Context The Big Picture

  • socio-economic - big picture - neoliberalism - forced austerity - the end of the post-war consensus - increased precarity/projectization - race to the bottom - where does the money go?
  • socio-cultural - changing/rethinking value - what things mean and why, how things circulate and are made accessible, mechanisms and modes of evaluation and the performativity therefore
  • trending - increased complexity - capacity to rethink mixed economies (i.e.interpersonal and extra personal)
  • arts-and-culture - cuts to and restructuring of resources (massive funding bids - institutional alliances) - moving into mixed economies - different types of resources (human, natural, financial, etc.) from different points of origin (foundations, state support, privatized monies, syphoning, moonlighting)

Closer to Home...

  • Is all art about evaluation? Is what we're doing curatorial practice? If it's critical practice, what makes it critical?


Questions, Comments and Concerns

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