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Reading: is understood broadly in this project - we intend to collectively 'read' exhibitions, artifacts, films, map, musical compositions as well as written texts, etc.

Purpose: To deepen our understanding of evaluation through reading/discussion together, and 'evaluate' the learning we acquire through this practice in relation to other forms.

Constituency: Marsha's committed to reading a selection of 10 or so 'texts' over the next six months and thought others might like to join her. You can dip in and out, of course.


  1. Suggest a 'text' to read.
  2. Indicate with your suggestion what aspect of evaluation you're interested in exploring.
  3. Supply the 'text'.
  4. Read the 'text'.
  5. Discuss the 'text' (through email/skype/face-to-face exchange) and feedback on the wiki (which Marsha is happy to do it others aren't).

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Text 1: Sotheby's Auction: Neil suggested we attend the Sothebys Contemporary Art Evening Auction on the 12 FEBRUARY 2014 at 7:00 PM.

I'm interested in tournaments of value, and evaluative communities, and I suggest we discuss the 'text' after the auction in a bar, best --Neil 15:05, 31 January 2014 (GMT) - which we did and you can find some of our reflections HERE