Ewelina Warner: Polish Language and Culture Lesson

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April 15, 2009

Cinzia, Michaela, Neil and I enjoyed an informative afternoon learning about Polish language and culture from Ewelina. An experienced Polish teacher and proud Polish patriot, Ewelina furnished us with some indispensable basics for our upcoming research trip.

Here are my top ten impressions: (still very much in progress)

1. Food

2. Church and State

3. The Polish Psyche

4. Subverting Systems

5. Relocation/Pilgrimage - Moving across the land

6. Public Space

7. Being in Public

8. Nature as a National Treasure - Reverence for the forests, lakes and shoreline

9. Communication style - Direct instead of laconic

10. Cześć - "Ch" as in Chester and "Ch" as in Church: "Cześć" means "Hi"

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