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Possible Working Group Facilitator: Marsha Bradfield
Working Group Members: Cinzia Cremona, Marsha Bradfield

The Experimental Art School is a university of learning. This new project is looking to involve a number of individuals, groups and organizations that are willing to support the project acting as advisers on the direction and substance of EAS.The tasks of the associates will be as involved as you wish. The main responsibility will be that you will receive regular advance notice of all meeting and discussions so that you can respond, attend or simply be aware of the forthcoming projects.

A number of contemporary galleries and Museums in the UK and abroad have already expressed an interest in hosting the project for week long or weekend open schools where members of the public are invited to come and participate.

The school is an independent free school made up of different associated organization, groups and individuals. The curriculum is decided by the ideas and suggestions from all levels of participants. It will explore film, video, painting, sculpture, writing, architecture, performance and more.

The general principle is that the EAS is based on the curiosity of all participants to explore and experiment with different and diverse ideas. It is not a movement or intended to critique existing educational structures so much as supplement them by generating ideas and practices that are open and informed. Risk and failure are embedded in every aspect of the school's activity.

This in an international project with students participating from all corners of the world from South America, Europe, as well as Senegal and Gambia in Africa. Linking up students in a single curriculum.

Associates: Artquest, Artprojx, Audio Arts, David Butler, Michael Craig-Martin, Critical Practice, Bill Furlong, Mel Gooding, Islington Mill Art Academy, Locus+, Jennifer Thatcher, David Thorp, Q-Art London

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