External Supervision with Matthew Rowe

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General Comments

Matthew Rowe is helping me think a theory/theories of art/aesthetics in in relation to my project.

Timeline of Supervision with Matthew Rowe


2, 2010

Informal meeting with Matthew (before he presented his lecture on aesthetics and the art school.) The discussion was wide ranging - Matthew observed we touched on the following issues: aesthetic autonomy, aesthetic experience, the relation of aesthetic and moral value (if any), the relation between aesthetic and artistic value (if any), and art as communication. I was struck by the possibilities for the "artness" being in the process of AAJ - and how this connects to artistic intention; also, I was interested the Matthew's distinction between an aesthetic attitude and an aesthetic experience--also, the artist's aesthetic experience and the viewer's aesthetic experience.
17, 2010
Matthew sent through a reading list. You can download it here. Of particularg:Tolstoy's What is Art? as Bakhtin references so frequently
18, 2010
Submission date for paper - March 26, 2010
(Meeting at the beginning of April)
Questions for Matthew (via email): When did aesthetics become disentangled from moral philosophy? OR Are the majority of contemporary aesthetic theories amoral?

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