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This project grew from our Big Ideas brainstorming, and we initially discussed these topics

  1. Is art reproduced through a competitive market sustainable?
  2. How can art be subject to the discourses of sustainability?

energy, resources, materials, but also things like generosity and volunteering

  1. How can we/do we sustain best practices?
  2. How to sustain the activity that makes Critical Practice what it is - a reflexive structure for collaboration?
  3. Should we strive to maintain Critical Practice, if it's based on 'free' work?
  4. Self-organising groups tend to run on generosity and good will, often leading to exhaustion and 'burn-out'. The question is, how can self-organising groups take responsibility for the things that sustain them?

Our interest in sustainability resonates with other themes and ideas within Critical Practice like Wellbeing, A Market of ... it also links to an emergent interest in Care of the Self and a biology of collaboration.

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