Introduction to Marsha's Thesis

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A. To sketch the background to the research question and identify rationales for the research

  • Emerged from a critique of Relational Aesthetics

B.To identifying knowledge gaps

  • Lack of discussion around collaboration from a practioner's perspective - experiential considerations
  • Lack of theory and or criticism of discursive practice - with dialogic art exemplifying this trend
  • Lack of discussion around subjectivies of collaborators/participants/contributors/addressees in collaborative art practice

C. To provide an overview of the research - intimation of "claim"

  • From collaborative practice to something else - a dialogic sensibility (engaging with different forms of otherness) - a way of working more generally - not about working in a collaboration but about working collaboratively in a dialogic fashion - all the time

D. To discuss interrelationships between aspects of the thesis - written and practical components - (intimate) how the "written" is practical in important ways E. To provide a chapter overview


  • We discussed the monologic possibilities of this part of the thesis as being more reflective (perhaps) than the other parts


  • First Draft - reviewed by Neil and Mary Anne on...
General Observations:


  • That this draft will be substantially rewritten - likely towards the end of the process

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