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TrAIN Open Lecture Wednesday 10 February 2010

Lecture Theatre Chelsea College of Arts: 17:15-19:00

Artist Statement source

Joanna Rajkowska (born 1968 in Bydgoszcz, Poland) is an author of objects, films, installations, ephemeral actions, as well as interventions in public space. Her works reflect changes in the reception and expectations towards art and its social functions, referring to the complexity of identity problems affecting Eastern European countries following their economic and political transformation of the 1990s.

Rajkowska's most widely discussed works: Pozdrowienia z Alej jerozolimskich/ Greetings from Jerusalem Avenue (2002-2009) and Dotleniacz/ Oxygenator (2006-2007) functioned as contemporary ‘social sculptures,' activating layers of meanings (both historical and ideological), provoking conflicts, serving as specific platforms interwoven into the urban tissue of Warsaw, being used for debates, arguments and manifestations.

These works might also be considered as merely pretexts for discussion about the issues of land control and potential forms in which collective memory might be manifested as public monuments. As Joanna Rajkowska's works materialise through ‘urban legends,' press-cuttings, gossips and media debates, their form is always ‘unfinished,' so there is the possibility they will evolve and mutate, even against the artist's initial intentions.

You can find a recording of her lecture by following this link.

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