July 22, 2013: Chat Notes

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When: July 22, 2013: 11:00 - 11:30
Where: E-Block at Chelsea
Who: Neil and Marsha
This was an informal meeting - checking in with each other before summer break.
We spoke about...

  • the possibility of mapping resources at Chelsea - we're thinking of these as distributed across Human Resources, Spatial Resources, Infrastructural Resources, etc...
  • the possibility of doing a 'startup' or a 'growup'...raising money/other resources to support others in CP and beyond
  • money questions - what kinds of stuff is Chelsea supporting - such as the motor cycle enthusiast conference? How does this benefit the research community
  • schedules - we'll check in again around September 9th, 2013
  • TED's 10 - we're super excited about these guidelines to practice...but how well have they been implemented at the UAL? At Chelsea? Could this be something to workshop in the fall? Perhaps an op to get TED/Sustainability/CCW (and its stated aims) and CP all on the same table? There's something intriguing about the interplay between funding/resilience and CP... We feel compelled to embed some of these approaches through practical ways of working that have critical/creative consequences
  • the possibility of getting some kind of market structure going that perhaps runs a day a week... (we're brainstorming now)
  • TED's 10 @a Chelsea - everyone is very excited but we don't do it here
  • Moving across human resources
  • Thinking about sustainability - stated aims of CCW

Next: We agree to check with each other around the 9th of September

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