June 24, 2013: Post-doc Orientation Part 1

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When: June 24, 2013: 14:30-15:00
Where: E-Block at Chelsea
Who: Neil and Marsha

  • MB met with NC for a general catchup.
  • They decided that MB would set up a desk in the Research Staff Baseroom on the third floor of E-Block at Chelsea
  • They looked over the CP archives in the filing cupboard and cabinet of wonders, where all our bits and pieces are stored
  • They also talked about what Marsha might need to support her post: folders, space to keep her folders, etc.
  • There was also discussion of whether or not we want a UAL email for CP from which to send out email notifications. This is part of broader discussions about growing our constituency. Something for our pot-luck agenda.
  • Afterwards, MB went to visit Princess down in HR to get bits and pieces of her contract sorted.
  • The meeting was followed by wonderful welcome drinks on the terrace. Special thanks to Claire Mokrauer-Madden for her excellent home-made peach pie and to Malcolm Quinn for bringing delectable raspberries from the local farm market.
  • MB is thrilled to be back and appreciates all the good will. There's palpable excitement around the potential of this post-doc position.

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