June 25, 2013: Post-doc Orientation Part 2

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When: June 25, 2013: 11:00-13:00
Where: E-Block at Chelsea
Who: Neil and Marsha

  • We talk about posting meeting minutes on the wiki in a spirit of transparency. MB suggests that she also post her application to post-doc in an attempt to make it transparent after the fact.
  • We talk about MB's role as, on the one hand, continuing what she's been doing in CP and on the other, expanding the Cluster's presence/influence through taking a more active role in the CCW Graduate School's various activities.
  • We review the post-doc job description
  • We note that the role is .5 = 18.5 hours a week. However, in practice MB anticipates closer to 25-30 hours a week. This will ebb and flow depending on the Cluster's general activity.
  • We begin thinking about how to resource projects - we prefer the idea of 'resourcing' to 'funding', as this will acknowledge the CP's broader ambitions of achieving reciprocal sustainability through networking.
  • Who is our core constituency? How is everyone doing? CP has been waiting for the post-doc situation to be resolved...now it's time to get things moving. The CP Pot-luck Picnic on the Public Furniture - July 5, 2013 is our first move in this direction.
  • We discuss the Graduate School dimension of the position. It entails trying to thread together a cluster of interests – there is a vague idea of some kind of 'Parade-like event,'though we agree this might not be the best way to describe it
  • We talk about the importance of 'follow-up' and nurturing our networks
  • We discuss scheduling. It's agreed that MB and NC will try to overlap/check in at Chelsea once a week or so. We'll concentrate on the early/middle of the week – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • We talk about MB's idea to develop A Value Broker's Handbook modeled on The Official Sloan Ranger
  • We're interested in 'evaluation' in contrast to 'valorization' – if 'valorization' is bestowing value on something, we're thinking about 'evaluation' as a process of determining value. This strikes us a crucial distinction.
  • It's observed that others applying for the post-doc explored the wiki and it was clear to many of them them that MB was applying for the post. There's clear regret within CP that the process wasn't more transparent and that it didn't include the Cluster in a more active way. (Malcolm Quinn of CCW opted to anchor the post in CP but it's a CCW/Graduate School position, supported by UAL) Nevertheless, CP never denied that MB was applying for the position. This gesture of transparency points to our way way working--even though we all know that neither total transparency nor total capture of all our activities is possible.
  • We begin thinking about CP as located within what's being called 'the political economy of creativity,' with this arising (in part) from an ongoing tension between CCW being composed of art schools and it being part of the UAL as a university. MB suggests that perhaps 'the political economy of practice' is more appropriate as 'creativity is tainted by the 'creative industries' and all that represents; NC feels that both 'creativity' and 'practice' are loaded terms but he can get behind 'practice'. It's very Bourdieu like.
  • We talk about how CP embodies the resurgence of APG ways of working and NC describes his recent work with Raven Row on APG Sculpture - Educatin: Not Knowing. The structures of APG were used to generate the structure of the event.
    • David Cross may be working on something related to APG's ways of working with the MAs in October. This could be something to explore further. There's a general desire to better integrate research with the taught programs.
  • We begin identifying other people to (re)engage in CP's immediate network, including Ken Wilder
  • We talk about MB's post-doc research project as being embedded in CP's work instead of operating in parallel. There's discussion around REF assessment criteria...and the importance of modeling viable alternatives. This is the way of the future!
  • We discuss the importance of refreshing our aims and objectives
  • We discuss the role the CCW Post-doc monitoring group will play...more on this after the meeting in early July.
  • We discuss further contextualizing CP in art practices concerned with distributed ways of working. We also note that CP is really good at smashing together disparate practices...
  • It's going to be an exciting process!

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  • Better understand the three areas of interests that are streaming CCW research.
  • Refresh CP's aims and objectives
  • Begin mapping ways of resourcing the Cluster
  • (Re)connect with our network at CCW and beyond
  • MB to post application
  • MB to post job description the post-doc job description