Kuba Szreder: Archeologies of the Public: insights into the Polish public sphere

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TrAIN Open Lecture
Wednesday 24 February 2010: Chelsea College of Art and Design

Archeologies of the the Public: insights into the Polish public sphere

The lecture will be aimed at providing insights into the historical development and current shape of the public sphere in Poland. It will be an attempt to conduct an archaeological study of the Polish public sphere, its specific cultural, political and discursive context. It is necessary to engage into radical and dialectic dialog with the Eurocentric notion of the public sphere, to pose the question about how public life organizes itself outside of the historical experience of core capitalist countries.

You can find a recording of Kuba's talk by following this link. And you can find the Q&A after Kuba's talk by following this link. Download the PowerPoint slides from the presentation from this link.

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Kuba in action

Agata Pyzik, Owen Hatherley and others in attendance at Kuba's lecture