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As of the 12th October, the project is on hold..........see notes and communication

Microsillions are part of a research group in Switzerland who are organising a Symposium, March 9th and 10th 2012.

This symposium is a public event that explores new forms and practices in art education. We would like to invite two members of Critical Practice for a workshop we are organising on Friday 9th. This workshop will focus on the idea of horizontality and on educational tools to support that notion. For that reason, we thought that the format of a Barcamp would be ideal. The travel expenses will be covered as well as accomodation and we propose a fix fee of 300 Swiss Francs per person. The Symposium will be held in Luzern (a very nice, pittoresque, swiss german city...).

Looking forward to hearing from you, Microsillions.

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Notes and communication

Neil wrote to Microsillions on Tuesday 11th October, asking if more CP members could attend, or are two participants sufficient? Also, is there a theme for the barcamp...........?

Microsillions replied 11th October

Hi Neil,

Great news that CP could take part to the workshop in the frame of this symposium!

Actually, we would love to welcome more than two members of CP and the only reason to articulate this number of two is the budget. So if you can afford to absorb the extra-expenses and the fees can be shared..., as many members as possible are welcome.

We don't have a specific theme yet and thought that it would be something we can discuss together with CP. The symposium is focusing on new practices and orientations in art education, so it can lead to various subjects from the working conditions of cultural producers to populism...

Kindly, Microsillions

And then on the 12th October

Hello Neil,

We have a not very good news to announce: the symposium in Luzern in March 2012 has been 'frozen' for financial reasons by the National Swiss Found for Research. We will have to rediscuss the conditions and try to find an alternative solution with the rest of the team. We will keep you posted asap, but the project is in stanby for the moment. Could you please communicate that to the other members of CP?

We feel very sorry but we hope we can come out soon with an even better proposal!

Kindly, Microsillions

Currently the project is on hold..........