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  • The misconception that sound art becomes radio art if played on the radio, fails to fully address and understand the specificity of the art form as a live medium and is diluting its political and artistic potential.
  • Definition of Radio Art - artworks that address the radio medium in its material specificity. - Works that expose the constructs of radio - should be something that plays with the medium and allow the professional side of medium to be challenged in some way. About the broadcast as live event - what can be done to make clear to the audience that what they're listening to is happening in a live environment.
  • Last presentation: focused on case studies
  • Now looking at a symposium - Reinvention the Dial: Explorations in Experimental Radio Practice (Maggs organized) - October 27, 2010 - formal academic setting - Canterbury...Provide an active platform to look at what people were doing, academics with an interest in radio art and experimental radio, a change for me to reflect on my research and scope the territory further...speakers all working in v. different ways
  • Case Studies: Gregory Whitehead (?)
  • Convergent has contributed a growing misunderstanding of radio art practice
  • Radio Art Workshop - get an idea of how ordinary people understand radio and give them the op to make radio art...non-artists...learn radio skills and develop ways of interacting
  • Feedback Fiesta - live interaction in 2009 - Brighton - Reaction to pre-recorded postcast - Reverb caused by the listeners...all other sounds created these other interesting distortions. Music made by the audience.
  • Framed as radio as event - also exploring making change...absence of chance...A disruption of mainstream radio talk shows - reclaim the space by creating feedback...Spoof religious healing station...Radio Mind - telepathic healing via law of divine vibration...Babble station...prespeech, early speech sound.

Questions: I'm interested in the future of analogue radio - I wonder if you've taken into consideration weird technologies that are in between...Wireless transmitters in the home as well. Also, thinking about the FM transmitters - space that's being abandoned...I think this space will immediately be given over to other technologies.

Response: First question: Use of technology in the use of shortwave technologies...Space for disruption - Magg's politics...FM intercom... Facebook - keep analogue radio...

Question: What's your long-term, overarching goal? Response: Wanted to talk about radio art and give it some definition - build on my own understanding. Initially going to be all recorded but now thinking about it being live. Trying to build bridges - theory and practice...between something that's happening and my reflection on these situations...

Question: Is it the liveness of the event that distinguishes it form recorded/sound life...break through everyday reality Experienced very differently by different people. Aim of the project is to define what radio art is...

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