Meeting Minutes 4 November 2014

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DATE 5.30-8pm Tuesday 4 November 2014
LOCATION Royal festival Hall, under the stairs by the giftshop.

Appoint chair No Chair

Appoint Minute Taker Neil

Here: Karem, Claire, Marsha, Neil
Not here: (apologies): Sissu, Catherine, Amy, Kuba, Eva and Trish.

Item 1: Review action points from the previous meeting

  • Sissu - thoughts on potential external publishers for our publication - Done
  • Neil F to send the proposal around via email or post it on the wiki - Neil F and Marsha will do wiki workshop soon so he can add to the wiki - DONE ( 3pm. 6th November)
  • Progressing the Five Years Publication - recommended deadline 24 November 2014 - thoughts? Open Discussion Transcript. ACTION: Neil to post on wiki and edit
  • Marsha to contact Basia about her screening. - Done and Waiting

Item 2: Curatorial Pack

To discuss: Wendy Short has sent through the pack they use for non-peer reviewed conferences at Chelsea. You can find a link to this on the page for the packs.

The pack is to outline what we are offering to stall holder/participants at the Market. We can then aim for consistency (in our dealings with others) and we can manage expectations. The Checklist is a good starting point. We decide to go through it, and see what's useful.

We have a discussion about where to place the first iteration of the market, Chelsea are being very difficult about securing the Parade Ground for the market, they have changed the date twice and are now changing it again. We are fed up and frustrated. We decide to look for other options, as plan B, C, D.

We discuss the contested notion of "student involvement" - lets invite MA curators, and the thorny question of paying participants, maybe set-aside a portion of the budget.........., or give everyone a flat-fee. Should we ask people to pay? And if so for what? Food? Entrance?

Who will help promote the event, publications? We need to build a network of Market Media Partners Neil to discuss with Pauline. Who is it aimed at, and how do we reach them? A thousand people would be good. We need to start a Market Budget and a Market Flyer. We discuss images, what to do with them, how to host and archive. Karem will archive images on our hardrive. Keywords and hashtags...........The document feels less useful, we decide to abandon it and return at a later date.

Item 3: Publication Launch - just three weeks away!

To discuss: Who do we want to invite and how do we want to coordinate it?

We have asked for the Green Room at Chelsea for the Tuesday 25th November. We will invite Utopographers, staff and students. We need an introduction, then we bind the publication, and drink. We decide to set a budget of £100 (wine, beer and tap-water) and see what happens. What does the introduction look like? We start a page for Utopography Publication Intro Neil to ask Mr Utopography, Dan Smith to say a few words. We need rope, we need some scissors (for the binding)....... 5.30 - 8.00pm.

Item 4: Hacking Monolpoly

To discuss:how do we develop this as a 'product' for our Market

We decide to fix a day to hack. ACTION: Tuesday 9th December.

Item 5: Any Other Business (AOB)

To discuss: Exciting news! Kuba has submitted his PhD thesis.

We discuss the possibly appalling behaviour of the Enterprise Collective, who are (and this is a rumour) about to install food stalls (kerb) in the Parade Ground. This is basically, stealing our idea.
ACTION: Neil to find out if this is true, and then we formalise our response.

NEXT MARKET WORKING GROUP MEETING: 3pm - 5pm Tuesday 25th November (before the BookBinding/launch)

Here is the Agenda

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