Meeting Minutes February 22, 2010

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Location: Chelsea Research - E Block
In attendance: Ewelina, Ken, Kuba, Marsha, Neil and Scott
Chair: Neil
Minutes: Marsha

Item 1: Discussion on Ola's Proposal

  • There's general consensus it's more like an idea than a process...
  • Proposal - from Ola - Perhaps there's been some miscommunication? Symbolism too overt? Black? Not ideal. Floating aspect is seems like an art piece...Perhaps we break things up...(from one big structure into several little ones) and there are smaller clouds that follow aspects of the initiative? These clouds don't need to be black.
  • This proposal made Marsha realize just what a positive the gloss she's been playing on publicness and Parade - Question: How do represent a diversity of publics/publicness at the event?
  • Kuba's primary concerns over the proposal - (1) disconnection with the discussion with O and M (2) roofing against the elements also about supporting the content - flex needs - and this is big budget (too expensive for us) (3) approach to the material - we need cheap materials and a way of working that meshes with CP's approach
  • How to proceed?: Write back to Ola and Michow and say, it's not practical, doesn't do what we ask, needs to support modes of assembly - Neil to draft an email to Ola - We request an alternative by Sunday night and we'll make a decision on Monday
  • We're still waiting for Ola to get back to Ken about the fee

Plan B – Ask Natalia and architectural office for support

Item 2: Discussion on Contract with IAM

  • Ewelina's feedback - UAL's lawyer has problems with the contract - he wants an alternative contract under English law - Anya (from IAM) is very supportive and wants to help, but there's a strong feeling that time matters - Polish law is changing...Ewelina, however, is on it!

Item 3: Joanna Rajkowska Commission

  • We expected proposal on the 15th and Kuba will send her a reminder and request that she send through something by the 28th
  • We need to think of a plan B for the artist commission

Item 4: Programming

  • Reactions of people Kuba invited for Parade - confirmation - Eva, Mihow, Adam (?), Christoph - artists are more positive than academics

Item 5: Neil met with CCW folk

  • They were very positive

Item 8: Metod's identity

  • Still evolving
  • Please see the page for more information

Item 7: Grid

  • Please go to this link to see how things are emerging...

Action Points:

  • Kuba to send Joanna a reminder
  • Neil to write to Ola
  • Marsha to write to Adam about his concerns around the format
  • Report back on who we've contacted regarding presentation
  • Meet on Monday to make decision about architect and artist
  • Ewelina to contact lawyer

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