Meeting Minutes March 8, 2010

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In Attendance: Neil, Ken, Ola, Michow and Marsha Chair: Neil Minutes: Marsha

1. Refreshing Barcamp Themes

  • Ken suggested demonstrations and we felt that was nice because demonstrations enact something -
  • Archeology
  • Being in Public: Modes of Assembly
  • How to produce a Public
  • Future Publics

What about the shopping mall? What about auction houses? Public spaces of evaluation - markets are public processes and public trials - you have rights to go and watch justice - Bylaws and the production of the public

  • Ken and Marsha are very intersted in thinking about the relationship between urban areas and other areas and the instability of urban areas - when infrastructure fails...
  • We're also thinking about territories in the city

2. Report back on the Bottle Situation

  • "Closed Loop" - Big bales of plastic - the problem is they're smelly and heavy and big - they weigh between 300-400 pounds - also, there are health and safety issues - you need a license to use them, which we might be able to get around by leasing them...
  • Ken wondered about gabions - and fill them with something - you could use the mesh and put whatever you want inside
  • Michow suggested using a mould and filling it with plastic
  • Ken wondered about using crates

3. Getting stuff on the Wiki

  • Neil has requested that Marsha keep page titles short as this helps with linking :-)

4. Upcoming Meetings

  • Tuesday, March 9, 2010 at 10:00 - working group on the structure

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