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Membership Quadrant

What is membership? Addressing this question at the momentous Cafeteria Dominguez meeting in January 2011, we speculated that membership can be mapped across two sets of relations:

  1. time and experience:
  2. activity and commitment:

These relations produce a membership quadrant that looks like this:

CP MembershipQuadrant Model.jpg
Membership Quadrant Model

Membership Types

We distinguish between New Members/Working Group Members and Active Members/Members

(1) New Members and Working Group Members
New members have recently joined Critical Practice. This stage involves observing group dynamics and learning the ropes of self-organisation and governance. New membership may take two months, six or more; it all depends on (demonstrated) interest and commitment - i.e. contribution. New members should gain familiarity with the following:

Working group members have been part of the cluster long enough to know how it functions (as a work in process) and to demonstrate their commitment to its aims and objectives. Being part of a working group means active and sustained commitment to its declared focus through various activities (see Active Membership below). A benefit of working group membership may be greater access to limited resources. This follows from CP's conviction that (some forms of) access/benefits depend on contribution. Members should support other members who regularly contribute; inactive members should not expect support. In the event a working group member is perceived to be inactive, the working group will review his or her status in the group.

Sign up and (self) removal: All working group members should be listed on the wiki project page (typically right at the top). Only members can add their names to this list. Inactive members are encouraged to remove their names themselves. However, working group members will do this when inactive members cannot be bothered.

Both new members and working group members are members.

(2) Active Members and Members
Active membership includes:

  • contributing to and posting meeting agendas
  • staying in regular communication with the cluster via the wiki an not only with a select addressees on email
  • attending meetings - either in person or remotely, using skype or some other form or telepresence
  • assuming rotating roles in the meetings - chair and minute taker
  • preparing for meetings
  • contributing to the wiki by archiving, editing, commenting or creating other kinds of posts
  • making deadlines - making decisions, edits, contributions, etc. by the decided upon time

A "member" is someone who is not currently active but still affiliates him or herself with Critical Practice. Those who do not wish to be "members" should actively opt out by expressing this on the wiki.


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