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DATE April 26, 2010

LOCATION Research Office, E-Block, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Millbank

Subject: Parade


The meeting was chaired by Marsha Bradfield and minuted by Scott Schwager.
The meeting opened at 3pm and finished at 4:30pm.

The meeting was attended by Ewelina Warner, Marsha Bradfield, Michaela Ross, Neil Cummings, Scott Schwager, Ken Wilder

Item 1: Budget

To discuss: how to manage the budget, and what to spend it on
Ewelina briefed the meeting on the budget. Neil mentioned the need for contingency and that would be out of 13 (honoraries of UK participants).

A preliminary list of budget awards was recorded including: The People Speak £150, Micropolitics, £100; Italian theorists tbc. Public works tbc towards transportation. Catering £500 advance from the Honorary of UK participants. £250 Kuba.

£1300 for design. Sarah Debondt will be invited to do design.

Ewelina ran through the budget itemised. Requested receipts emailed to her.

1. Honorary of architects £2600
2. Cost of installing artist structure £8250
3. Honorary of PL artist £1000
4. Cost of installing new commissioned work £3000
5. Honoraries of PL artists for market of ideas 3 people) £1800
6. Honoraries of PL Theoreticians for market of ideas (7 people) £2800
7. Cost of travel of PL curator in May £250
8. Honorary of production assistant from UK £1500 (up to on hourly rate)
9. Honorary of PR assistant from UK £1500
10. Honorary of rental of Parade Ground (in kind) £60,000
11. Costs of Chelsea College building staff £500 (likely £480)
12. Cost of materials for student workshops £600
13. Honoaries of UK participants (inclusive Marsha) £3000
14. Costs of print and design of Parade flyer £1300

Item 2: Documentation

To discuss: Documentation of Parade - Producing a resource?

Marsha briefed the meeting. She’s written to ICFAR to get a quote for videoing and proposal of £1000 made.

Michaela mentioned the first year group called SALT could do something.

Neil thought we could encourage a PR person to have all the links.

Could agree a hashtag beforehand.

After the Open Congress a reader was published as a place for people to reflect.

What would it mean to produce an AHRC outcome? Produce something measurable as AHRC criteria.

Action for PR person/contact person: email her contact list, personalize that.

Marsha to find 3-5 roving reporters.

Item 3: Food for Saturday

Marsha to find 3-5 roving reporters.
To discuss: Mike's feedback on food.
Neil thinks budget is high for meat. £75 suggested.

Item 4: Contributors

Marsha to find 3-5 roving reporters.
To discuss: Quick update on Bar Camp and market contributors

Marsha briefed that we’ve heard back from Knot. Neil and Marsha have sent everyone’s names.

Ken and Neil had a meeting with Alan Graham, who suggested we’d have a lot of foot traffic.

Geoff Cox (in Denmark) is interested. Doing an on-line petition form.
Dr. Malcolm Quinn
MA Students
microsillons to collaboratively develop a poster
et. al.

Item 5: Publicity
To discuss: New eflyer and print with program. Item was discussed. Action point below.
Item 6: Any Other Business (AOB)


We are going to need more time. Maybe make a call to BA students to be involved.

NEXT MEETINGS / and trucks unloading.

Wednesday 5th May 2pm

Monday 10th May 5pm

Friday 14th May 8am crates arrive; truck unloading


Action Point: Neil to collate and e-mail Ewolina budget awards as they’re made.
Action point: Marsha to make a call to research students
Action point: Neil to mention at FLAG
Action Point: Ken could send something to an architectural magazine or similar that may have something of interest afterwards.
Action Point: Marsha to find out about Hash Tank.
Action Point: Marsha would be interested in putting together a kit.
Action point: to send to e-flyer Sarah Tuesday; Neil to get e-mail / contact her.
Action Point: Michaela to send pictures to the architect from FLAG.
Action Point: Edit equipment list
Action Point: Marsha to find 3-5 roving reporters.

Deadline: Friday April 30 to agree the Parade Pamphlets, which has the working title Parade Bar camp invitation.

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