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DATE: Wednesday, 5 May 2010, 2pm - 4pm
LOCATION Research Office, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Millbank
ORGANIZATION: Marsha Bradfield chaired the meeting and Scott Schwager took Minutes.
IN ATTENDANCE: Neil Cummings, Marsha Bradfield and Scott Schwager were present.
AGENDA: Linked here
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Item 1: Update on the pamphlet

Neil met with designer who wanted to design something interesting and useful.

We saw the draft copy of the designer’s proposal. Designer and Neil talked about making it more interesting when it’s a pamphlet. The green color looked great.

We will get 600 folded and 600 not folded.

Neil is liaising with designer to get PDF for Friday.

Item 2: Miriam Kings - PR

Marsha contacted Miriam RE PR and thought we should pay her more. Miriam plans to go to events ahead to distribute fliers and subcontract others on the day to hand out the fliers.

It was decided to offer her £20.

Item 3: Stall Holder Requirement Form

Would be good to have wireless internet access in the Parade and access to power outlets.

Item 4: Content

Discussed briefly.

Item 5: Any Other Business

The Parade Ground is booked for Friday night by Sonya Dyer, of External Relations, 02075147948. We are trying to access her she but does not seem to be present.

The list of equipment was discussed.

Marsha briefed on the Documentation in terms of creating a time lapse.

One of the facilitators to Bar Camp is Jack Tan and he would like to meet at the RCA.

Scott mentioned an idea to track where the ideas go by finding out where the participants in the Barcamps go in the next 12 months (instead of trying to track where the milk crates go) and it was decided to discuss this outside the meeting but that it may work with the Hash tech efforts


Action Point: Neil to ask Alan Graham about wireless hotspots.

Action Point: Marsha to contact Ken RE Cushions

Action Point: Neil to buy clippers on Brick Lane

Action Point: Marsha to email Open Music Archive regarding what equipment they need for Friday night and Mike regarding needs for cooking.

AGENDA: Linked here

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