Minutes 26 March 2010

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20100326 Critical Practice meeting Chelsea College of Art & Design, E Block London

Find the agenda here.

Date: 26 March 2010

RE: Parade

Marsha Bradfield chaired the meeting, Scott Schwager recorded it

Robin Bhattacharya, Ken Wilder, Neil Cummings, Scott Schwager, Kuba Szreder, Natalia Romik, Eszer Steierhoffer, Marsha Bradfield, Ewolina Warner

Item 2. Cinzia meeting with Joanna.

Kuba: briefed meeting. They would like to start ASAP. Need a budget for this. Regarding curtains, they discussed frames. Neil’s idea was mentioned.

Ken: Maybe a suspension idea is right. Maybe scaffolding poles needed.

Neil: Why go to effort of hanging?

Kuba: Aesthetically is not a problem to attach to building but additional structure is too much effort

Marsha: We could ask to see more and see what she says

Marsha: There is a “very strong vertical thrust” in the practice so there may a sensibility this direction

Kuba: I will send an email regarding request for more variety

Ewolina: She can invoice us now as she did with TRAIN.

Ewolina: Will take another 2 weeks to get the agreement signed due to legal points. The main point is whether it’s under Polish or English jurisdiction.

Marsha: How much money is in CP budget?

Neil: £2850

We agreed it’s a good idea to advance £1000 from research budget to start production and for them to send us a more detailed invoice.

Ken: Will need to do a risk assessment. Including, what do we do overnight with the crates

Item 3: Food

Neil: Mike who was in critical practice and specializes in decadent sustainability.
Should we use him?
Interested in ethical food being glamorous and seductive not gruel.

It was decided we’d like Mike on board for food and drinks.

Kuba: Would suggest we pay for food. We could suggest a minimum budget.
We estimate 100 people at £5pp. Snacks would be of interest.
He should invoice us for Decadence Sustainables for £500.

Ewolina: University has a strict policy on food and drinks. The food is art, We pay a commission fee for art and it comes back as food

Ken: There was interest in the MAs. They could have stalls for Sunadays Markets. Ken will liaise with reps for this.

Scott: Think Laura has 4 big green buckets for drinks

Item 4: Graphic Identity

Marsha reported she contacted Abbey and has not heard back.

Robin said he could design the e-flyer for Wednesday.

Neil: These are assembly modes of address.

Item 5: Crates

Neil found a crate manufacturer. Alex Baird and Sons. Eric, one of the sons, is very passionate and has found a dairy that he supplies crates to who will rent 4320 crates in two container trucks, which are £420 for one way of each journey. Willing to rent the crates for 80p. Total ends up roughly at £7000. Black with whatever colours come. They stack better and or more durable than strong. Also he is interested in how we joined them together. He will supply 20,000 ties for £260.

Ken: Not convinced about having so much of the piece as high as in the image. Better to have more of it at the bottom.

Natalia: Will they be comfortable?

All: Some kind of cushions may be provided.

Neil: The photomontage could be more colourful and could appeal more to sponsors.

Kuba: Who will make them?

Ken: I can nail them.

Kuba: They need some guidelines for building it.

Ken: Will write something. His students would like to have it lighter and more fun.

Kuba: They need to understand this is not a modernist structure but one that will be used and people can build ceilings on if they need it.

Scott: Will it be secured?

Ken: We are going to think about that.

Ken: How do you want to communicate in a barcamp?

Needs to be thought of.

Item 6: Barcamp and market participants

Marsha: Should we have wiki and sign up pages?

Marsha says Adam doesn’t feel its right time for him to contribute

Neil: Micropolitics are asking about money.
Is there a fee?
Some people haven’t replied to the invite as yet.

Marsha: There’s 14 yes RSVP for market of ideas.

Kuba: plus Polish people there’s 17-18.

Neil: Met people from the Polish institute. And they would love to help promote the event by including in their leaflets, e-mailing, and don’t see how they can give monetary support.

Kuba: Make it more of an in situ situation.

Marsha: Should we ask Nigel Carrington to help?

Ewolina: The UAL law team has no lawyers on it.
It has legal advisors.
There are some stiff rules.
we all wince in pain

Neil: Could Ewolina exert pressure to move it forward?

Marsha: Could we table sharpening the barcamps up for the next meeting?

Neil: Will have a roaming structure of 12-15 people in barcamps. We feel it works best with that many people. Need to start encouraging people to come and participate. This is different from the market of ideas where we are inviting people to have a stall.

Esther: There’s a big group at RCA that might be interested and she can invite them. Also, the ‘this is not a gateway’ may be interested. May be nice to try to link these to projects. Anatomy of a Street is going to take over some vacant shops in a market street and might be nice to feed into that. On April 1, there is a discussion in the Goska Macuga space in Whitechapel.

Neil: To emphasize we feel the richer we can make it the better it will be for everyone.

Kuba: There’s a link, which people can update and keep up to date.

Neil will offer Micropolitics £100.

Item 7: AOB

Marsha: We haven’t talked public ness for a while

Neil: The closer it gets it gets more functional in discussion but would be a good idea to refresh the barcamp themes.

Kuba: Friday night opening / launch event. Could make this more our internal event, low-key. Some drinks, picnic. Ask Ben and Eileen (open music archive) to have some details.

Marsha: Some kind of potluck picnic instead of pizza.

Neil: Open music archive. They have been sourcing out open source music then remixing and inviting other people to. They can play a variety of music as they have CDs of it.

Kuba: So open source music and potluck are good for public idea of Parade.

For the diary: 15 April Ben and Eileen have an open music archive opening in Gasworks. 15 April 2pm, meeting in Neil’s office to work on barcamp themes and the update. Agenda: A technical list. i.e. how may sheets?

Kuba thinks we should tell people its low-tech.

Ken: There could be a space to project into if we use heavy fabric.

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