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Parade Minutes

DATE Friday 27th November 2006
LOCATION Research Office, 4pm till 5.30pm, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Millbank

Present: Cinzia, Neil. Ewelina, Neal, Michaela and Marsha
chair Cinzia

Minute Taker Neil

Last meeting minutes

Item 1: Joanna Warsza - Open Lecture

To discuss: Hosting Joanna, per diem, meetings, etc

We agree the per-diem of £30 a day for three days, and to make available £100 for hospitality, if necessary. Neil will do the formal introduction.
We have all invited key friends and professionals, Ken's students will be there, and there will be dinner afterwards. Some people will also meet with Joanna on Thursday evening to tour the Gallery openings in the east end of London.

Action: Neil to find out about wine glasses.

Item 2; Parade funding

To discuss: In relation to the Adam Mickiewicz Institute funding, how to proceed

We have secured £20,000 from Adam Mickiewicz Institute, to support the commission of a Polish artist and architect. They will also support with publicity. There are some strings atttched as to how, who, and on what the funding can be spent on. We need to seek clarity from Chelsea and specifically the graduate scholl on any financial committment they can make.
We agree to put all of Critical Practice's funding for the year into the project, and to cover the flights (if neccesary) and per- diems of the two further speakers in the TRAIN, CP Open Lecture series
Action: Cinzia to seek clarification on the fundings administration and strings
Action: Ewelina will talk to Mathew at Chelsea on funding administration.
Action: Neil to meet with Oriana, Head of Graduate School to seek funding possibilities and clarification.

Item 3; Structure

To discuss: How the structure could be developed

We decide to plan more meetings, to drive the project along, and to be more consistent in working between meetings and doing the actions we say we are going to do. The next meeting is Monday 7th at Chelsea (I forgot what time), and then Tursday 17th at 10am at Chelsea. And the first of the New Year - Monday 11th January at 5pm. On Monday the 7th people will work on starting the wiki pages to aggregate the themes, and then the possible contirbutors and participants to Parade.

Action: Neil to meet with Ken and to see how invested he is in the Design.

Item 4: Participants

To discuss: Developing the list of possible participants

On Monday the 7th people will work on starting the wiki pages to aggregate the Parade Barcamp themes, and then the possible contibutors and participants to the Parade Market of Ideas.

Item 5: Any Other Business (AOB)


The meeting fractured and I forgot to take the minutes, sorry

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