Minutes 9th September, RFH

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DATE 9th September, 2012

THOSE PRESENT: Metod, Neil, Karem, Marsha, Kuba


Item 1: Graz

To discuss: to discuss upcoming project
  • Neil is in frequent contact. He has requested tables and chairs.
  • Signup – we're not sure it will work via e-announcement. The organisers will announce it at other events. We anticipate talking to people and persuading them face-to-face
  • We agree to make a flyer: Flyer to include a description of our event and an invitation to attend the meeting
  • It would be good to have signs—bamboo sticks cable-tied to the tables
  • Our market will be a space for the general assembly
  • Kuba suggests that we meet with interested stallholders a day in advance
  • We agree to have a meeting on Monday to prep for Tuesday 1:00 – 2:00

Item 2: Next meeting

  • September 17, 2012: 3-6

Item 3: Debrief for the Brokers

  • We need to debrief around the Brokers
  • Marsha says that she's interested in developing research around Documentitus
  • We agree to send a follow-up email to those who walked with us to cultivate our network.


  • Metod to create a ‘hipster flyer’
  • Karem to create five CP stamps and P2P logo and ‘exchange’
  • Neil to check with organizers about using the parallel space for our prep meeting
  • Neil to inquire about the size of the event so we have a sense of what the market might be
  • Neil to ask organizers to about bamboo/supports. Will there be materials for building and customizing the stalls? (stable guns, paints, markers, etc.)
  • Neil to ask how much install time we have.
  • All: to send a follow-up email to those who walked with us.

Packing List

  • Packing list
  • Cable ties
  • Flyers


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