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DATE 8th May 2015, 2 - 3pm
LOCATION Sofaville, E Block of Chelsea College of Arts

PRESENT: Kelly Palmer (Enterprise), Wendy Short (CCW Graduate School), Claire (CCW Graduate School/CP), Marsha (CP) APOLOGIES: N/A

NB: There was no formal agenda for this meeting created in advance. NB: Here's a link to a folder with information about the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground

Item 1: Power on the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground (RHS)

To discuss: How much is there and where is it?
Discussed: There is lots of power - enough for a rock concert. The access points are around the edges and so any vehicles/structures that need it should be oriented around these points.
Action: Ask Estates to ‘lay out power’ when the time comes.

Item 2: Water on RHS

To discuss: How much is there and where is it?
Discussed: There are a couple of taps. We will need to make maketeers are wary that there is no part of all water on the RHS. This should go into the Open Call info sheet/curatorial pack
Action: Kelly to send a map of the RPG with water/power/fixing points indicated.

Item 3: Money

To discuss: Kelly wonders if money will be changing hands? Will we need extra security? Could people use Paypal?
Discussed: The possibility of having multiple currencies in play at the market. It seems unlikely that the floats of those people selling wares will be significant enough to warrant extra security. We will likely leave this up to individual traders. Paypal does not seem like a good option.

Item 4: Selling goods to under minors.

To discuss:Kelly wonders what kind of stuff will be sold?
Discussed: There is mention of hand tools being used in the Market but we don’t anticipate anyone selling these. We should be advised that hand tools, cock screws and knives can’t be sold to anyone under 18. We don’t anticipate this will be a problem
If we want to sell alcohol, Kelly will need to be on site as she holds the license. We don’t, though, need any special Enterprise presence to give alcohol away.

Item 5: Cooking on RHP (AOB)

To discuss: Managing risk and putting in place appropriate Health and Safety.
Discussed: To have gas onsite, canisters must be stored the night before in a locked area (by the skip?) so we can’t have any last-minute gas cooking. Cooking on an electric hob would be better.
Action: To ask people in the Open Call/Cuatorial Pack if they’ll be cooking with gas.

Item 6: Insurance

To discuss: Are we required to assumed any additional liability?
Discussed: No. The University has insurance and this will suffice.

Item 7: Risk Assessment

To discuss: How and who?
Discussed: Ideally, each of the stallholders should provide a risk assessment. However, that doesn’t seem very practice. We decided to ask for this, only from ‘higher-risk’ activities and stalls.
Action: Identify higher risk stalls and request risk assessment.

Item 8: Security

To discuss: Where are the metal barriers? Other security provisions? b>
Discussed: The barriers are around and we’re encouraged to use use them. However, additional security will no be provided gratis.
Action: Provide a disclaimed to marketers to the effect they’re responsible for their own stuff and CP/CCW/UAL can’t be held responsible for lost, damage or theft.

Item 9: Concerns about wind – stalls blowing over.

To discuss: Awnings can act as sails. How will we ensure that stalls don’t blow over?
Discussed: We need hold off on putting the awning on the stalls if possible and when they’re on they should be weighted with water/sand bags. We can also use fixing points in the RHP.
Action: Discuss with Stalls Working Group

Item 10: Crowd control.

To discuss: What happens if we become TOO busy?
Discussed: This seems unlikely. Kelly clarifies that if this happens, Estates will help monitoring the in/out. The most important things is to ensure people understand how they get in and out.
Action: Invite Estates to our 15th June meeting to ensure they’re well prepped.

Item 11: Toilets!

To discuss: The easiest ones to access are in E-Block but someone from Estates will be on the reception desk, making the ones in C-Block a more obvious choice.
Discussed: Is there a way to access the ones in E-Block? Would this make more sense? Do we have to have someone on reception in A-Block if we’re not using it? Would a porta loo be cheaper?
Action: To discuss in our workshop on 23rd May with Andreas Lang

Item 12: Signage

To discuss: How to use signage to maximum effect.
Discussed: Kelly notes that even though there are things going on in the RHP—and people can can them—they need a push to cross the threshold. How might signage figure on the glass fence and or gate? What about in the vicinity?
Action: To discuss in our workshop on 23rd May with Andreas Lang

Item 13: Scheduling drop-off and collection of stuff

To discuss: How will this be managed? Do we need special zones?
Discussed: This should be roughly scheduled. Something else to include in the Open Call.

Item 14: Having the café operational?

To discuss: Should we ask them to open on the Saturday or is there another coffee company that would work better?
Discussed: Let’s wait and see what kinds of food stalls we have in the market…

Item 15: Flammable stuff

To discuss: Encouraging marketers disclose any paint or other flammable stuff they might be using and, ideally, use safer alternatives.
Discussed: This could happen on the Open Call form/curatorial pack.

Item 16: Stop-motion animation

To discuss: Where are the best places to mount the camera/cameras?
Discussed: E Block balconies are good – maybe also in the library? It’s suggested that someone from LCC may be able to help us with this.
Action: Ask Wendy if she could help with this. Or maybe Karel Doing?

Item 17: Photo-docing the event

To discuss: Is this something that CCW could help with?
Discussed: YES! Wendy will be on site and is happy to help with this.
Action: Marsha and Wendy to speak at greater length abo ut a publicity and documentation. Marsha to request Research stills camera.

Here is the agenda for the next RHP meeting.

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