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Metod Blejec, Karem Ibrahim, Phil O'Shaughnessy, Sharon Bennett,

Daniel Gleadall

Karem Ibrahim

Item 1: Hunt Basics

To discuss: Intention of the Hunt

Having a trial Hunt in London will give us the opportunity to try out ideas and test possible ways of approaching the Hunt in Madrid. We all decided that we should use this opportunity to push the limits of the Hunt format and try out ideas that might seem ambitious with the theory that we can always bring them down a notch if they don't quite work in the way that we hope. It is also important to note that none of the group have ever participated in a Scavenger Hunt before and so we are testing our preconceptions of what a Hunt might or could entail.

We also want the event to be fun and everyone agreed that the Hunt needs to be an enjoyable, exciting and interesting experience for all who participate.


To discuss: Theme

We discussed whether it was necessary to have a Theme to the event. As the discussion progressed it became apparent that it is difficult to separate the idea of a Theme from the Hunt Item List as one will inform the other. Metod suggested a topical theme of "Crisis' but we agreed that while this is an interesting theme, one of the the intentions of the Hunt is to have fun and for the event to be light hearted. Other possible themes could be:




Making a Change


Action: "Making a Change" was considered to be interesting as a possible theme and we decided to each think of 5 items to add to the Hunt Item List connected with Making a Change. Sharon to create a page on the Wiki where we can add our ideas of items for the list

To discuss: Hunt Item List

Obviously the Hunt Item List will be key to the event. Many factors will influence the final list. We need to consider the size and nature of the objects. Where will we store and what will we do with the items collected? If we have 'live' items what would happen to them? Should we have items that participants will need to make moral judgements about whether to collect them or not? What would be considered 'stealing'? ie would taking traffic cones be theft? Items need to pose an interesting challenge to the participants.

There were lots of ideas as to possible ways of awarding points to the teams for the different items and how we could make the collection of the items more creatively interesting by awarding extra points for combining items.

We would also like to include photography in the collection of items and discussed how participants might be encouraged to use combining a number of objects to make an image adding intrigue and complexity to the Hunt.

Another option could be adding colour to increase points.


Action: All present decided that we should do a photographic trial run in the next few weeks before the event in June. This would be an opportunity for us to iron out the complexities of the points system and find out how best to organise the list on the day. We could each put a theme in a hat, individually draw one out and then go and photograph the objects instead of collecting them. We will set a time limit of 2-3 hours. This could be done on a weekend or one evening after work. We will use the resulting photographs as documentation. We will discuss possible dates via email.

To discuss: Invitation to...?

We thought that 7-10 teams of no more than 4 or 5 participants per team would be a good number. If the teams are bigger than that we would run the risk of teams splitting off into pairs or not being able to organise themselves and we hope that the event will also be about working as a team.

Who to approach to take part?

Children? It was decided that while we would like to involve groups of children in Madrid, we wouldn't invite children to participate in London.

Art students? This is an obvious choice. But we would have to be careful to avoid the degree shows. However we could limit it to First and Second Year students not involved in the degree shows.

Our Friends? This is a good option. But would they want to participate? Maybe we could limit it to friends who have creative leanings? We each felt that we could get a team together from friends.

We discussed whether we needed to give people an incentive to take part, ie a prize. If we did award a prize then it was felt that this should be something that the team could do together and not monetary. Eg dinner or tickets to the cinema

Action:We could start to think about which friends we could approach to take part

To discuss: Where and when in June?

Metod has put a table of possible dates on the Wiki. We will each add our names to which dates are best for each of us and then we can see which date is most popular. The 18th or 19th June were considered to be good dates.

The question of where is an interesting one and needs lots of thought.

The Parade Ground? It will be used for degree shows and it is expensive to hire

A park? This would be weather dependent. What if teams were travelling in a car to drop off items? Would we need to get permission?

A car park? This could be a good option. Especially if there was an indoor area. Maybe a warehouse?

Action: Start to think about possible venues and each Working Group member to add their name to the date table to establish which date will be the best one

To discuss:Social Marketing?

Should we use Facebook etc as a way of marketing the event and arousing interest? It was decided that we should take advantage of various social networking sites but limit the net to only our friends or friends of friends. We don't want a 'Flash Mob' situation where we have too many people turn up to participate and it becomes difficult to control the event.

Action:Those with accounts for Facebook etc to utilise them as a way of recruiting participants.


No other business to discuss.

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