October 2, 2013: Chat Notes

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When: September 26, 2013 - 11:00 - 12:00
Where: E-Block at Chelsea
Who: Neil and Marsha

  • We discuss getting the jump starting the post-doc - it seems everyone has been waiting for Marsha to get back and get on with it.
  • We refresh our thinking about a grow up or start up that we discussed at our meeting back in July.
  • It will be useful to spend some time in our next meeting brainstorming ways to resource Chelsea and thinking about initiatives that chime with our preoccupation with ethics, sustainability and organic ways of working/being... We discuss some possibilities and aim to get something serious up and shaking by May of 2014.
  • We continue thinking about markets and wondering what the history of markets in Millbank is? What kinds of markets are there? Stock market, farmers market, information fair...
  • Marsha mentions that she's received an email from Platform related to a NESTA bid that may be of interest to CP.
  • Marsha also speaks about perhaps putting together a joint funding bid with Emily Carr University in Vancouver for an SSHRC grant. She's agreed to send through an outline of her post-doc project.
  • Marsha speaks about a recent meeting that she had with the Arts Council - and the importance of having a coherent online audit of past projects - (an archive?) It's time to review this possibility; we're collecting feedback here
  • Neil spoke about attending an extraordinary symposium on utopia up in New Castle. It was organised by Dan Smith. 'Utopia' (Utopia Studies) holds promise for some interesting ways of thinking about our changing socio-politico-economic landscapes...there something interesting about utopia as a 'non-space' and the way that Critical Practice engages with practice - displacement, reframing, being estranged, inhabiting in different ways, etc. See, for instance, Ruth Levitas's Utopian as Method - thinking about the ways in which form shapes content. Interdisplinary - coming out of literary studies. We think about the challenges of coherently imagining various scenarios...
  • We speak about the possibility of doing some kind of launch event for the Alternative Art School (?)


  • ask Laura about how much money CP has left
  • anticipate the meeting on the 16th...
  • discuss opening a bank account

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